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Start an online store

How to Start an Online Store

So, you have a product, idea or service and you are ready to open an online store, but where do you begin? Of course, having an online store is much more advantageous than owning a physical store front with a monthly overhead. However, beginning can be quite daunting for someone who isn’t a web page […]

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Perfect Domain

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name

The time you invest into choosing your domain name is crucial to the success of your online brand. Consider your domain name as your brand’s identity. This is the name by which your customers will associate you with for the long haul, so if you are going to make that commitment you better be prepared […]

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Robots.txt and Website Crawlers

Your Website’s Robots.txt File – What You Need to Know

A website’s robots.txt file is more important than a lot of people realise and, in this article, we’ll be explaining everything that you need to know about it. Most website owners go through a phase of fine-tuning every possible aspect of their site. Reducing the file size of images, minimising page load speeds, and the […]

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Are you ready to upgrade to VPS server

Are you ready to upgrade to a VPS Hosting plan?

When you started your business, you probably began with shared hosting to save money. One server, several clients, and plenty of expertise to help a new site grow in a scalable manner. Your hosting plan should grow along with your business – is it time for you to upgrade your website hosting package from shared […]

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Extended Validation SSL Certificate

Why EV SSL Certificates Are Important

In the first part of this 3 part blog series on SSL, we looked at “Facts about DV SSL that you need to know.” If you missed it read it here. Now we will explore what makes Extended Validation SSL certificates better than the rest and help you understand its importance along the way. EV […]

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