mega cloud storage plans upgraded
(Last Updated On: February 26, 2020)

Mega is a major provider of cloud storage services. As an official reseller of Mega in the UK, is pleased to announce that Mega has upgraded their plans to offer more storage and bandwidth to customers.

Mega Plans

Mega has doubled the storage and bandwidth limits on most of their plans. Here are the new plan details after the upgrade has been applied.

Pro Lite

Unchanged (200 GB storage + 1 TB bandwidth per month) = £4.29/month or £42.99/year


1 TB (storage) + 2 TB (transfer volume) per month (24 TB p.a.) = £8.59/month or £85.99/year


4 TB (storage) + 8 TB (transfer volume) per month (96 TB p.a.) = £17.25/month or £172.59/year


8 TB (storage) + 16 TB (transfer volume) per month (192 TB p.a.) = £25.89/month or £258.99/year

Existing Mega Customers

Already purchased your Mega cloud storage plan through Don’t worry. You won’t miss out on the double storage and bandwidth. The upgrade has been applied retroactively, so you should see your limits increase to match those of new customers.

Don’t Use Mega Yet?

If you don’t currently have a Mega cloud package, now could be the perfect time to invest in one. Cloud storage is a fantastic hosting solution for many types of businesses and other organisations.

As you can see from the new Mega plans listed above, cloud storage can provide your organisation with huge amounts of storage space for your website, media files, and other data. Transferring data from your own in-house hardware means you can free up space on your computers.

Cloud storage can also help to keep your data safe. When you store data only on your business hardware, a single disaster, such as a flood, earthquake, or cyber crime, could wipe out or corrupt data that you depend on for the day-to-day running of your business. When you move your data to cloud storage, you can rely on the extensive backup and security protocols used by the cloud provider. Mega is a longstanding provider of cloud services, so you can rely on this company to keep your data safe. They are experts in protecting and securing data, and have the necessary infrastructure to keep your data backed up in several secure places located far enough away from each other not to fall victim to the same natural disasters.

Storing your data in the cloud can also make it easier for your employees to adopt a mobile working pattern. Cloud storage systems, such as Mega’s Pro Plans. are designed to be easy to access from any device and location. That means employees can collaborate on documents and reports even when some of them are working from home or in a remote location.

Hosting Plans From

If you don’t see a plan that suits your needs among the new Mega upgrades, that’s no problem. offers a wide range of additional hosting packages, ranging from basic shared web hosting to reseller hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated servers, all with plenty of storage space and bandwidth.