(Last Updated On: August 13, 2018)
Over 100 million people login to Twitter daily with well over 300 billion tweets. It certainly cannot be overlooked as a viable avenue for your marketing campaigns based on the volume of it’s use alone. Unlike Facebook, Twitter campaigns are slightly more accessible and arguably, even more cost effective.

With Twitter you can focus on individuals or companies that relate to your marketing strategy. Whether it is following a local sports team or being an active follower of the fans of an internationally recognised team, you can actively monitor what is trending within particular circles and duly pin-point areas to address.

Character Restrictions

Due to the 140 character restriction, you need to be accurate, to the point and engaging enough for your audience. It can be tempting to recline to the text based way of writing, but as a brand, be careful how this can reflect on your image. There have been a handful of incidents where companies have been at the receiving end of negative feedback from Twitter users when certain privileges have been abused.

There are many ways to engage your readers even with the restriction simply by linking to your main site, third party sites such as Facebook or for sharing images, Instagram. Your tweets can then be circulated through other users adding to their favourites (similar to a Facebook like in some respects) or retweeting. With a retweet, your original message is posted by a particular user or group which then gets circulated through their own followers.

The # Tag

Even with a limitation of 140 characters, there’s an even more concise way to reach your audience: the hashtag. Using the hash tag as a prefix unlocks a portal to unlimited possibilities. Due to the context of your chosen keyword, you may find yourself reaching out to audiences you previously haven’t been able to tap into, though ideally, you will want to focus on a select group of keywords first. #OMG is an incredibly popular tag and a vast reach to many many users, but lacks a lot of relevance in terms of context. Choose wisely.

Connecting with your Customers

Ignoring the obvious benefits of communicating with your target audience and finding out how to market to their needs, there is the major advantage of being able to exchange information directly with them, in turn building your reputation.

More and more people are using Twitter as a way of connecting with companies direct in order to get a quick response to their issue/query. By making the conversation public, other potential or existing consumers can see how you value your client base and judge you on how you interact with them. Prior to this, users could not listen in to others telephone calls or read in on personal emails and so by involving others, your brand is viewed in a positive, transparent light.

All in all, Twitter is an excellent, cost effective way of appealing to your client base, informing them of new products and services, while building positive relationships and directly communicating with your clients.