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double mega-cloud-storage

Free Double Mega Storage!

We’ve doubled the storage for all our Mega Cloud Pro plans. Now all Mega Pro users get double the storage to spread their ideas and collaborate in teams – without paying more! Not using Mega Cloud Storage? Don’t miss out on this great deal!  Check it out! We’ve doubled up our Mega Pro Plans: PRO […]

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affiliate marketing strategies

Affiliate Marketing Strategies that Work

As a marketer, blogger, or entrepreneur utilising affiliate marketing is virtually risk-free while the rewards are exponential. Affiliates are only paid when a customer converts once they’ve been driven to a website and therefore the margin for potential earnings exceed the risk of potential losses. So, whether you are a blogger, or digital marketer hoping […]

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the yoast seo plugin

How to use Yoast SEO Plugin in WordPress

WordPress is a well-coded Content Management System and as such seen by many users as SEO friendly. This is true, but the real hero in the SEO department is the SEO plugin that WordPress allows you to install and use. If you are looking for a reliable SEO plugin for your WordPress website, you may […]

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best hosting to Increase Website Speed

Best Web Hosting to Increase Website Speed

In an online world, speed rules.  Things have become excessively available and the market is crowded. A single second can prevent you from making a sale. So, it’s important to remember that every single second counts online. A slow website can cause customers to lose interest in your business, go back to the search results, […]

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dedicated servers then and now

Web Servers: Dedicated Hosting, then and now

Servers are to the internet as blood vessels are to mammals. Servers are the connectors that make it possible for persons using the internet to gain access to a website. There are several different ways to access a server in an effort to bring a web domain online and one of these is Dedicated Hosting. Going as […]

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VPS for WordPress

Fine Tune Your VPS for WordPress

When considering hosting as a serious business owner the best choice to power your website and scale your business quickly is VPS hosting. When coupled with leading content management platform, VPS for WordPress, will make your website run like a dream. WordPress will operate fine on any server that has Apache, PHP, and MySQL installed. […]

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what is FTP SFTP

What Is FTP & SFTP? A Guide for WordPress Users

With help from the right plugins, managing and hosting your WordPress site, becomes an easy option for creating a website, even in the hands of those with limited or no technical experience. But, despite being so helpful, there are some tasks like, troubleshooting errors or implementing sophisticated customisations that are outside the scope of what […]

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steps in starting a WordPress Blog

Start a WordPress Blog the Right Way: 6 Easy Steps

Trying to do too much is the biggest mistake persons creating their first website usually make. When you are a beginner, you may become overwhelmed with all the things you think you need. When in actuality starting your WordPress, blog can be done in a few simple steps. In this article, you will find a […]

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