What to do after posting new content on your site.
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WordPress: What to do Immediately After Posting

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) which is extremely powerful if used correctly. One of the biggest mistakes made by bloggers and e-commerce websites is thinking your work is done once you have written and posted your WordPress blog. The truth is that your work is just beginning; you need to get … Read more

Protect your Customers Privacy

7-Steps to Protect Your Customers’ Privacy

As a consequence of cyberattacks there have been some significant changes over the last few years with regards to customer privacy and protection of data. After a prolonged period of negotiation, the European Union introduced the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as a means of enhancing overall protection. The GDPR, still in its infancy, introduced … Read more

CDN: Enhance your Website’s Performance

When your website has reached the ultimate level of success, receiving high volumes of traffic daily and expected to grow exponentially you don’t want slow website speed and security issues to slow your growth down. A report from eMarketer retail sales worldwide across e-Commerce is forecasted to reach $1.9 trillion with projected growth expecting to … Read more

Why do you need Domain Privacy?

What exactly is Domain Privacy and why do you need it?

With free access to information on the internet, today preserving your privacy has become increasingly difficult. We all enter sensitive data to websites daily and when you registered your branded domain name with your registrar or a certified provider you gave away your information. Keeping sensitive information from the eyes of strangers is a challenge … Read more

Email Marketing is not dead
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Email Marketing hasn’t died. It’s Evolving

Email Marketing is one of the most organic ways to engage your customer base, offer them free and paid products, send out promotional material and build a trusting relationship. But has email marketing died? Is there still a place for it in digital marketing? Of course, there is. Email marketing has not died, it has … Read more

Professional Blog Part 2

A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Professional Blog Part 2

In this final installment of building a professional blog, we will delve into the other sides of blogging. While creating content is pivotal to driving traffic to your website and having a winning strategy, coming up with creative and engaging ideas can be taxing. Beyond creativity, there must be a strategy in place to help … Read more

Professional Blog Part 1

A Comprehensive Professional Blog Guide: Part 1

Blogging has drastically changed in the last few years and has emerged as the main driving force behind Content Marketing. If you’ve just started your website and have gone through the beginning steps to picking out the domain, choosing a scalable web hosting solution and finally launched —it is now time to focus on building … Read more

Holiday Content Ideas
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30 Holiday Content Ideas to help you Deck the Halls

What a whirlwind the year has been. Already we are counting down the days to the bustling holiday season. If you haven’t figured out your website’s content game plan to keep up with the holidays we’ve created this guide to get you there. The holiday season is the biggest time for business owners everywhere. This … Read more

Data Transfer between servers
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Data Transfer after Brexit

It is fair to say that data is power and bodies such as the European Union are recognising this more and more. Unfortunately, over the years we have seen massive abuse of power and insecure systems which have opened up alarming privacy issues. While some might suggest that the European Union went overboard with the … Read more

DDOS Attack

Protecting your website against DDoS attacks

In years gone by Distributed Denial of Service attacks, otherwise known as DDoS attacks, were more often associated with large companies and government services. The idea that hackers and activists would spend their time, money and effort on smaller websites and companies seemed alien. However, over the years we have seen a dramatic increase in … Read more