Website content Strategy

Yeah Sure, You’ve Built a Website. What next?

Congratulations! You’ve just built your brand spanking new website from the ground up. You chose a ‘brandable’ and catchy domain name, a mobile-friendly theme design, and you’ve placed the necessary information on your site about your company. You’re About page tells the story of your business and brand, your Contact Form is ready, Product pages … Read more

Get Ready for Brexit

Effects of Brexit on Your E-Business

BREXIT – is shorthand that stands for BRitain EXIT, it simply means Britain leaving the European Union (EU). The same way GREXIT broke out in the past when Greek was exiting Euro. What is the European Union? The European Union, abbreviated and popularly known as the EU is a political and economic cooperation between 28 … Read more

Understand and Fix SSL certificate Errors

Installing SSL Certificates: What could go wrong?

While the switch to SSL (secure socket layers), also referred to as HTTPS, has so far been advisory from the likes of Google, it is likely to become mandatory in the very near future. If you have already made the switch to HTTPS-based websites this will already have had a positive impact on your rankings. … Read more

Prepare your online store for the holiday rush
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7 Ways to Prepare Your Online Store for the Holiday Rush

  The Holiday season is upon us. Is your online store up to the task of handling a heavy traffic flow? Have you created a plan for marketing and promotion? Do you have inventory ready for your most popular sellers? Is your site optimised to handle the influx of customers? Have you updated your sales … Read more

Reseller Hosting, White Label Hosting
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Reseller Hosting: Your Success Starts Here

Web hosting is important because it forms the core of just about every kind of e-business (online Business) today. For any site to function, it needs a web server and hosting space for securing the files that are required for the website to work. Also, it’s a great business opportunity in itself, although not so … Read more

Dedicated Server Hosting
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Dedicated Server Hosting: For Small Business?

Dedicated servers are physical servers that are rented or purchased exclusively for your own organisational needs. They are used by small and medium enterprises as well as large organisations that are in need of high data security level. Dedicated server hosting is ideal for firms that require a top-notch server capacity. Small Business Servers: What … Read more

Guide to Google Ads
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Google Ads: The Guide you Wish had from the Start

You’ve brilliantly set up your hosting account, designed your new website, had a launch for it, and now you’re wondering how to drive more traffic to it. Every day thousands of websites are added to the ever-growing internet universe and you need an efficient way to reach new visitors, drive traffic that converts and ensures … Read more

e-Commerce Platform

Deciding What e-Commerce Platform to Use?

Web hosting makes it possible for websites to be viewed on the internet for everyone to see. Web hosts supply space on a server leased by its customers. Mostly this is where your website “lives”. As part of your web hosting requirements, any site that is consumer-facing will require a core set of features. These … Read more

VPS Hosting Questions
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Answers to the Most Common VPS Hosting Questions

As the world of tech expands and the business realm grows along with it, there are a lot of buzzwords that tend to make their way around the atmosphere. However, at times, an idea arises that takes the world by storm and completely changes the way we look at and operate in certain fields and … Read more

Diagnose Website

9 Ways to Diagnose a Website That’s Not Working

  When it comes to building an online business, it is essential to have a fully working site or else it will miss out on potential customers, which may result in loss of revenue. This means that online marketers should always make sure their site is up and functioning properly as different issues can affect … Read more