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About hosting.co.uk

Founded in 2012, hosting.co.uk grew to be one of the biggest hosting companies in the UK. Our mission was, and still is, to offer the best product for our clients’ needs. No unnecessary packages and costs. Just the product you need and the best price. Opened in Newark in 2012 our facility is equally suited as […]

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The Benefits of Backups With Hosting.Co.Uk

Online backups are crucial for so many reasons. After all, one tiny design slip-up or a more serious security breach and you could lose years worth of work. We count down four reasons why it is so important to backup your data online, plus we reveal more about our two new hosting.co.uk plans.

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cept. Making money from the cloud

How to Make Money With Hosting Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. It also requires very little or even no money to get started. We provide you a list of the most effective ways to market your hosting.co.uk affiliate links online.

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dedicated server

Dedicated Servers: What to Look for in a Great Host

You have finally decided to move your web presence to a dedicated hosting service, like Hosting.co.uk? Congratulations! There is a myriad of advantages to having your professionally maintained dedicated server, like: You do not have to share server resources with other websites and worry about them jamming your traffic. Your professional hosting service will guarantee […]

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cloud hosting

How Can Cloud Storage Benefit Your Business?

Cloud storage, although originally deemed to be more suited for personal use than for business is now following the direction taken by many personal technologies and being adapted for business. It gives you access to your uploaded business files from any location, giving you the flexibility needed to get that job done fast and efficiently. […]

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microsoft office 360

What is Microsoft Office 365

What is Microsoft Office 365 The number of tools you can use for file sharing, email, spreadsheets, calendar, documents, live chat and to-do lists are quite few and these are also very important for business. The number of tools that you could also install to use for each of them or for most of them […]

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Web Hosting Company

What Makes a Great Web Hosting Company?

In the digital age, a website is absolutely crucial in order for any business to enjoy success. Not only are these portals able to display all of the most relevant products and services, but an online presence will help to maintain a strong customer base. These facts should already be quite apparent. However, many would-be […]

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