Need some help in building a website?

Web Designing Company   When in need of help in building your website you can contact a web designing company. Such a company is an organisation that offers website development creation services. These services include creation from scratch or upgrading of an existing one. In simple terms, it brings together web designers with a lot … Read more

New Logo change of ownership.

Hi everybody! We are happy to announce that and its sister brand were bought by Zonat S.A. in December 2017. Because of that our team has entered 2018 with a feeling of a new beginning. start DI S.A., our previous owner which holds a prestigious portfolio of Internet domains, started its web … Read more


Our New Backup Service

Simple, Reliable Protection For Your Digital Assets Remember when backing up your server meant spending hours downloading information onto portable drives, tying up your system, and struggling to deal with an IT service? Worse yet, perhaps you’ve experienced that dreaded feeling that comes with realising that your entire website has crashed, and your data wasn’t … Read more

Ransmware cloud based backup

How Ransomware Can Affect Your Business

Ransomware: What a Business Needs to Know It sounds nonsensical  to pay a ransom for data you already own — data that a  has locked on your server because of a ransomware attack or another  type of hacker activity — this is a common theme now, and happens on daily basis and any one of … Read more


Using a .XYZ domain is easy as ABC

What is .XYZ? .XYZ is a new and fast-growing TLD (Top Level Domain). A TLD is simply the part of the web address after the dot. Most people would be familiar with .com and .org. XYZ is a new and exciting addition to this group. How did it start? On the 2nd June 2014, a … Read more

Web Hosting Company declares structure of domains

In this article, we will briefly explain the structure of Domains, which is basically an online identification code that leads people to your website. To show it in detail, we’ll use this domain name:   The example above is the complete “ domain”.  First of all, when talking about a domain, it is very … Read more


Founded in 2012, grew to be one of the biggest hosting companies in the UK. Our mission was, and still is, to offer the best product for our clients’ needs. No unnecessary packages and costs. Just the product you need and the best price. Opened in Newark in 2012 our facility is equally suited as … Read more