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The real reason why you need to monitor your site

Your website serves as an ambassador for your business. It represents your business online, showcasing your products and services to potential customers. You website performance is therefore integral to your business’s reputation and success. To truly know how your website performance racks up, you will need access to information such as: The impact your loading […]

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2019 Dedicated Server Security Checklist

Dedicated Server Security Checklist

Dedicated hosting offers great features and great service, and as revealed by the Cyber Attack Trends: 2019 Mid-Year Report, no environment is immune to cyber attacks and that includes dedicated servers. It is therefore critical to protect your website, company reputation and your business overall, by putting robust security measures in place, that do not […]

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Hosting Misconceptions

8 Dedicated Server Myths – Busted

  Currently, there are several web hosting solutions available. However, did you know that a dedicated server is at the foundation of every type of web hosting solution? From shared hosting to huge cloud hosting platforms there is a physical server in a data centre somewhere. Every single one starts with a dedicated server even […]

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What are dedicated IP addresses

What are dedicated IP addresses?

  The world of website, hosting and search engine optimisation is constantly changing with different trends and different strategies. While many subjects come and go, the buzz surrounding dedicated IP addresses and shared IP addresses is one which continues to be a hot topic of debate. As you might have guessed, there are opinions for […]

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Bare-Metal vs Dedicated Servers

Bare Metal or Dedicated Server: Which is better?

  Bare metal or dedicated server? Yet another decision to make regarding the best hosting option for your business. Technology is constantly evolving to match the ever-changing needs of users. While this is great since it means there is something out there for just about everyone, for those who do not speak ‘tech,’ the prospect of […]

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