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Migrate from shared web hosting

How to Migrate From Shared Hosting to VPS

  Most persons and organisations start their first website by using shared hosting services. However, as their online presence starts attracting more traffic they soon realise the need for more power, space and bandwidth. When that time comes, the obvious choice is simply to migrate from shared hosting to VPS hosting.   Understanding shared hosting […]

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6 Benefits of Managed VPS

6 Benefits Managed VPS Can Have on Your Business

  Web hosting is the general term that refers to an internet service that makes it possible for businesses and individuals to publish their websites for viewing on the World Wide Web. A web hosting plan is a business expense and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You should look for a good plan that strikes the […]

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Virtual Private Server for blogs

VPS for Blogs equals the perfect match. Here’s Why

  As a seasoned blogger, you’ve probably learned a lot about the hosting industry as a direct result of hosting your own website with a trusted hosted provider. However, your blog has begun to outgrow a shared hosting environment with the daily increase of traffic and you need a more vigorous hosting environment to handle […]

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Popular uses for VPS

Most Popular ways to use a Virtual Private Server

  What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)? A Virtual Private Server (VPS) has grown to become a popular website hosting choice by many. It has its own physical resources such as RAM, CPU and disc space that is used to create a virtual computer space. Users are able to install an operating system (OS) […]

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Dedicated Server Hosting Versus VPS

Dedicated Server vs VPS

  How well your content is distributed online is highly dependent on your website hosting provider and the type of hosting plan you use. Your ability to reach your online audience may be limited if you do not have a scalable and flexible plan that can easily adapt to the changes your website may need. […]

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How to Safeguard Online Shopping Transactions

Tips to Secure Your Online Shopping Transactions

When considering entering the e-commerce sphere one of the single most important things to consider is internet security. Have the best in security measures ensures that your clients can trust that their financial details, credit card and other sensitive information remains confidential and is transferred via secure channels across the internet. Your clients want to […]

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VPS perks your business might be missing out on

Your Business is Missing out without VPS Hosting

  VPS hosting is an alternative hosting solution with numerous benefits to shared hosting offering more customisability, Privacy and server power to clients. This article aims to highlight how cost effective and reliable VPS hosting is and the potential benefits to your website’s growth. What Is VPS Hosting? VPS stand for virtual private server. By […]

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