affiliate marketing strategies

Affiliate Marketing Strategies that Work

As a marketer, blogger, or entrepreneur utilising affiliate marketing is virtually risk-free while the rewards are exponential. Affiliates are only paid when a customer converts once they’ve been driven to a website and therefore the margin for potential earnings exceed the risk of potential losses. So, whether you are a blogger, or digital marketer hoping … Read more

what is FTP SFTP

What Is FTP & SFTP? A Guide for WordPress Users

With help from the right plugins, managing and hosting your WordPress site, becomes an easy option for creating a website, even in the hands of those with limited or no technical experience. But, despite being so helpful, there are some tasks like, troubleshooting errors or implementing sophisticated customisations that are outside the scope of what … Read more

WordPress Hosting Tip - Scheduling Posts

WordPress Hosting Tips: Schedule Posts in WordPress

Consistency is one of the best ways to create a successful blog. It is very important in keeping the interest of your visitors. However, this level of consistently can be difficult, especially if it requires your presence for every single post. Luckily, WordPress allows you to schedule your posts for publication ahead of time. That … Read more

Restore WordPress Site in a Backup

Steps to Restore WordPress from a Backup

WordPress creates a great easy to use platform for beginners and professionals alike to create professional functional websites without a single line of code. However, it doesn’t matter how long you have been using WordPress for or how tech-savvy you are, you may likely experience significant data loss. This is sometimes the result of human … Read more