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Stay secure online in 2019

2019 Cyber Threats & How to Stay Secure

  It is mind-blowing how much we depend on technology to function in our everyday lives. It is not just as individuals. Banks, hospitals, schools, the military and even the government are heavily reliant on technology. This dependency on technology to facilitate the storing, retrieval, distribution and processing of sensitive data, is what makes it such […]

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About Page to highlight your eCommerce Store

How to Use your About Page to highlight your eCommerce Store

  Being a trusted brand leader in the eCommerce game goes beyond having a great website, responsive design, excellent branding, and stunning products to keep a constant flow of repeat visitors that convert to sales. With same-day and two-day delivery speeds, instant gratification has made staying at the forefront of your customer’s mind over your […]

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Negative SEO What is it

Negative SEO: What’s that?

  If you have a website chances are, you are aware of the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation, SEO which can boost your website’s ranking.  Simply put, your website comes up on the first pages when a person searches for a keyword relating to your website on a search engine. However, are you familiar with […]

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