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VPS for Blog

Your Blog Should Have VPS Hosting. Here’s Why!

VPS is short for Virtual Private Server hosting. VPS hosting is therefore a server, inside a larger server, that has its own copy of operating system and allocated server resources. It gives users their own dedicated resources such as: CPU, bandwidth, storage, RAM, etc. That was a mouthful. So, to break it down, think of […]

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Website Staging

A Beginners Guide to Website Staging

Working on maintaining your website is a continuous process. That’s because websites require updates and adjustments over time as your brand evolves, the marketplace changes and you learn more about capturing an audience and building your traffic. It is unwise for you to make changes on your live website as it can slow it down, […]

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Managing an E-COMMERCE site

Managing an eCommerce Website

In principle the idea of managing an eCommerce website is fairly straightforward. There are numerous packages out there, different hosting accounts and many ways to market your business. It is only when you sit down and consider the options that it becomes a little more complicated – where do you start?  What is the best […]

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Eliminate Render Blocking

Eliminate Render Blocking JavaScript and CSS in WordPress

  On the internet, first impressions are lasting and to a new site visitor that is the only one that counts. It does not matter how good your product/service is if your website takes more than a couple seconds to load, it will leave a bad impression on customers or readers. When your website loads quickly, you instantly […]

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Managed WordPress vs Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting vs VPS

  Choosing the wrong hosting solution will cost you time, money and even customers. The question is, ‘what is the right hosting solution for me?’ You can answer this prudent question after you have determined what your hosting needs are. After deciphering this, select the one that best suits those needs. Let’s look at two possible […]

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Avoid Website Downtime

Reliable Tips to Avoid Website Downtime

  Your website allows you to do what business owners decades ago could not do – stay open to the world 24/7. As a result, you can have customers from any geographical location accessing your business and making purchases even while you sleep. Only downtime can prevent you from achieving this every day. Downtime refers […]

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Gutenberg Editor

The Scoop on the Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Those who have delved into the world of content management systems (CMS) will be well aware that WordPress is one of the most popular. There are many reasons why WordPress is so popular. One of which is the “open source” structure around which it is built. This effectively means that WordPress is developed and advanced […]

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Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Gutenberg Block Editor Shaping the Web

Gutenberg is the new block WordPress editor that is shaping the world of Web design. If you have decided to use WordPress for your blog or website then you will have noticed the this new plugin already. Now that the plug-in has been on the table for a few months, we can give a righteous […]

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Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting: The People’s Favourite

When building a website there are many different platforms to choose from, different types of software and an array of different expenses. When considering a new website you are not in uncharted territory. Still there are many things to consider when you take the leaps to create your own website. Think about how big a […]

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What is a theme?

What Is A Theme? (And The Steps To Choose One)

  The best way to think of your web design/theme is your shopfront (aka brand identity) whether you are an e-commerce website or an information portal. Your web design is the first thing visitors will see.  So, if they like the colours, style and the way it is laid out then they will come in. […]

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