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These points prove that Multiple Domains help businesses

  When you finally decide on your company name it is imperative that you protect your brand going forward and maximise traffic. While the vast majority of people will focus on one main website there is an argument for looking towards multiple domains to build and promote your business. In some cases the various strategies […]

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Proven Email Marketing Practices

Email Marketing Best Practices you should be using

  If you have signed up for newsletters, bought products or opened online accounts in the past the chances are you will have come across email marketing. Some of it will catch your eye, some of it will automatically hit the spam directory and some will just pass you by as if they weren’t there. […]

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Small Business needs advanced security

5 Industries that Absolutely Need Advanced Cyber Security

Cyber Criminals have been around for as long as the internet came into conception. They have made the need for cybersecurity a necessity rather than a luxury or a choice. The frequency of cyber attacks have made the need for advanced cyber security much more imperative. Consequently, the talk of having advanced internet security has […]

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e-Commerce Platform

Deciding What e-Commerce Platform to Use?

Web hosting makes it possible for websites to be viewed on the internet for everyone to see. Web hosts supply space on a server leased by its customers. Mostly this is where your website “lives”. As part of your web hosting requirements, any site that is consumer-facing will require a core set of features. These […]

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Start an online store

How to Start an Online Store

So, you have a product, idea or service and you are ready to open an online store, but where do you begin? Of course, having an online store is much more advantageous than owning a physical store front with a monthly overhead. However, beginning can be quite daunting for someone who isn’t a web page […]

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