How Bitninja Security Work?

The most robust security suite for Linux web servers.

You can get rid of the pain caused by hacked CMSs that are installed on your web servers.
One security software can protect hundreds of websites, email accounts, FTP, and applications.
You can reduce your server load by 33% by removing all malicious traffic.
Reduces 98% server alerts and customer complaint.

BitNinja's Blocks All Types of Cyber Attacks

Under Attack

BitNinja DoS Detection works with our AntiFlood Module, to identify IPs that are frequently used to attack by DoS and blacklist them for a greater time.

CMS Hacked

Do not waste your time cleaning infected files. BitNinja Web Application Firewall 2.0 (WAF 2.0) applies filters to all incoming requests and rejects all attacks.

Phishing Websites

BitNinja detects suspicious software and places them into quarantine to prevent any damage to your server.

Blacklisted Server

BitNinja will add the IP address to its blacklist for 60 seconds if it detects too many concurrent connections. Once cleared, the IP address is routed to grey-list where valid users can delist.

Outbound Spam

BitNinja's log analytics module can quickly block brute force attacks, such as directory traversal, SQL injection, and spamming.

What's included in your BitNinja plan?



1 hosted user

  • Anomaly/Malware Detection
  • Bot Detection
  • Bot Mitigation
  • Event Logs
  • IT Incident Management
  • Server Monitoring
  • Web Traffic Monitoring
  • Multiple System compatibility
  • 30 Second Installation
  • Decrease False Positives

*VAT not included. It will be added where applicable. 


Compatible with your BitNinja solution


What is Bitninja Server Security?

BitNinja ensures that your server hosting is completely secure. It provides Realtime IP Reputation, which may be used to defend your hosting server from assaults and assist you prevent both automated and targeted cyber-attacks.

It also includes Honeypot Traps for detecting strange scans employing DOS Attacks and Malware. This implies that cyber thieves will be unable to use your services. The Web Application Firewall, or WAF, from BitNinja operates between visitors' web browsers and web servers. It can rapidly and automatically screen all incoming requests.




BitNinja's Malware Detection can automate this procedure for trouble-free security against threats to your server's web and CMS applications.
Log Analysis

Log Analysis

BitNinja keeps an eye on your server logs, such as Auth log, MySQL, Exim, Apache, NginX, CPanel, and others. It stops additional hostile acts as soon as it recognizes any suspicious activity. BitNinja is made to be simple to use; you won't have to bother about giving the path to your logs because our zero-configuration setup will do it for you.
Trusted Proxy

Trusted Proxy

Proxies, like botnets, are often used by website visitors. As a result, it's critical that we identify the true IPs behind an assault and don't block any departing nodes. Our trusted proxy feature contributes to a low false positive rate and a high overall success.


By default, the BitNinja WAF module applies a suggested ruleset to all requests, but you may adjust the level of strictness by domain or URL. You may also turn off the WAF on a domain-by-domain basis. Automated false positive reporting allows you to fine-tune parameters if necessary and ensure a legal false positive rate.


The denial-of-service (DoS) attack is a well-known tactic in the hacker's armoury. BitNinja's DoS detection module can identify and greylist application-level DoS assaults automatically. It keeps track of the number of simultaneous incoming and outgoing connections and uses a unique way to prevent DoS assaults.
Defence Network

Defence Network

When a BitNinja-protected server detects or stops a malicious request, the information is sent to the BN cloud data centre. They analyse the security logs and provide the attacker's IP address to all of your servers right away.

Why Use BitNinja Security?

Sever hacks cost you a lot of money

Hacker attempts are made to attack servers and websites every 30 minutes. Servers are hit on average by 1,300 attacks per day. You lose control of your servers through malware, data loss, and CMS hacks.

Built to secure servers 24/7

BitNinja is 100% responsible for maintaining your Linux server clean to help you build a profitable business. BitNinja is a layered security system that automatically blocks server attacks at all threat levels. This allows you to protect your websites and keep your focus on your business. This pro-active defence shield will help you achieve system stability and lower server load in just 5 minutes. It will also fix your IP reputation.

Multi-layered security

BitNinja provides multi-layered security to protect servers from attacks like WordPress hacks and password cracking, malware injections, forum spams, SQL injections and data theft. BitNinja is a lightweight security software that combines the best security technologies into one simple program.

BitNinja’s Multi Award-winning Cybersecurity Service


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Reinforce your server security with BitNinja.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is Server Security?

Server security refers to the tools and processes used to protect valuable assets and data on servers within an organization as well as the server's resources. Cybercriminals are often looking for weaknesses in server security to make financial gains. Servers hold sensitive information. 

What does BitNinja do?
What does BitNinja not do?


How do I install BitNinja on my Linux server?

You will need to open BitNinja's terminal and enter the one-line code. This code will automatically detect the OS on the server and install BitNinja within a few minutes. 

Can I transfer my license to a different server?
How does BitNinja protect against (D)DoS?
How does BitNinja count its users?
What are server threats? 


What do you get with your BitNinja plan?

BitNinja SiteProtection gives you complete control over your website's safety. Your domain can be scanned for vulnerabilities and malware. SitePotection monitors your websites to ensure that your site is always accessible. 

If you get a free trial plan:

  • Statistic about the attacks that were blocked against your domain
  • To block bots, enable URL protection for one URL
  • Free penetration scan of your website
  • List of email accounts that have had their passwords compromised
  • Once every 24 hours, run a Malware scan of your domains.

When you get the Pro plan

  • You can use the URL protection for unlimited URLs
  • Daily penetration scan
  • Button "I am under attack" (coming soon).
  • Automated Phishing Content Removal Tool (coming soon).