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The most advanced and comprehensive Backup Service for Websites & Databases. We give you a complete peace of mind that you deserve. Take comfort in knowing that your information is always safe and secure and can easily be restored

Acronis Backup Cloud by

Acronis Backup Cloud is an easy cloud subscription add-on that is an  Advanced Backup into a powerful cloud! Enjoy safe, secure, and scalable offsite backup for any data or any system—anytime, anywhere.

The Software is easy to install and Works with Mac, Linux, Windows.

acronis backup cloud´s website and database backup - Insure your online asset and ensure Business continuity

The most advanced and comprehensive Backup Service for Websites & Databases

Always safe and secure and can easily be restored

  • Automatically back up your website, databases
  • Choose from 30 previous versions for easy recovery
  •  Avoid downtime from lost or misplaced files
  • We backup all content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Magento.
  • Protect yourself with our free website monitoring and Google blacklist monitoring capabilities.

We have the Answer

  • Dropmysite gives you automatic domain-level daily backups of your mission critical data including web pages and databases.
  • Secure: Enjoy premium protection and fast recovery from lost or corrupted website or database files. We keep all your file versions.
  • Restore: You can now easily restore all your website files and database from the same location.
  • Simple: Dropmysite service is service is very easy to use and easy to manage from you own control panel.

Experts Advice

Experts advise backing up your entire website and databases is the best approach to safeguard your content.

Imagine losing your entire website due to above. Maybe your designer or IT expert forgot to install the right security patch, leaving your website open to attack. You try to restore the site from a previous version… but you can’t find the files.

In the meantime, your website is down. When you finally get it back online, you discover it’s been blacklisted by Google because of a hacker.

It happens more often than you think.

Cloud based backup Pricing plans:

Website Backup

5 GB


£ 1,50


Website Backup

10 GB


£ 2,00


Website Backup

30 GB


£ 5,50


Website Backup

60 GB


£ 10,00


Website Backup

100 GB


£ 16,00


Website Backup

200 GB


£ 31,50


You dont know if our Cloud Based Backup is the right product for you? Here is a list of the most important questions and Answers which includes as well other features of Dropmysite.

Backup FAQ:

Is website and database backup automated?

Our Cloud-Based-Backup provides a simple and easy to use interface for users to backup their website and database. To backup your website, just enter your FTP or SFTP details and backups will be scheduled on a daily basis. Databases can be backed up by providing the hostname and the database username and password to connect to the server. Daily backups of the database will be taken to ensure you never lose your data again.

How do I restore Website and Database

With the automated Restore feature, you can now recreate your website and database with a single click. Instead of restoring manually via FTP, you can look through your previous backups and select to restore the entire site or specific files. Dropmysite recently added the feature to automatically restore the database also.

Can I download a backup?

Cloud-based-backup schedules automated backups for your websites and databases. Our one click download feature lets you access your backup anytime and anywhere. WebDropmysites are available as zipped files using the tar format for easy migration to the new server. Users can select any backup version and download the backup files to recreate their website

Is it a Secure Backup Storage?

Cloud based backup pays special attention to ensure that your backups are secure while backing up and when stored on our servers. We use industry standard security practices to ensure your data is protected and secure. Websites can be backed up using the SFTP protocol to ensure the files are encrypted. Dropmysite ensures that the connection to your database is secure. All the backup data is encrypted using AES 256 encryption block cipher on our secure servers.

Can I schedule backups?

Schedule your backups on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Dropmysite provides you the flexibility to choose the appropriate time for scheduling your backups. This ensures that our backup process does not affect the performance of your servers during the peak activity time of the day. Select the exact hour and time of the day when you want the backup to start and we shall handle the rest. Dropmysite also provides the flexibility to take a weekly and monthly snapshot of your databases and websites.

Can I monitor Website Availability?

Cloud based backup allows you to monitor the uptime of your website and notifies you via email or sms in the event of a server or network outage. You can monitor your website from anywhere through the web or on mobile.

Can I get Website Performance Reports?

Cloud based backup lets you analyze the response time (in msecs) of your website from around the world and view them graphically on a chart. You can monitor the performance of either a GET, POST or a HEAD request.

Do you have a Website Blacklist Monitor?

At Cloud based backup we have integrated Google’s Safe Browsing into the services. This way we’d notify you if Google determines that your website contains suspected malware / or suspected phishing code and is deemed not safe for browsing. This is integrated with website and database backup for faster recovery.

Can I view New and modified files in the Backup?

CloudBasedBackup has recently launched a new feature to view the modified files in the backup. This will enable a website admin to verify the changes that he has made in his latest release and to ensure it has backed up properly. Planning for rollbacks are also possible using this feature in association with selective restore feature.

Can I migrate websites and databases?

Migrating a website and its database could not have been easier with CloudBasedBackup. Just create source and target profiles (website / databases) on Dropmysite and restore from source to target website / database.

It works like plug & play, try it out now!