From £3.00/month

Beginner Site Builder

Prices exclude VAT where applicable

  • 1 Year Free Domain *
  • Drag-and-drop Interface
  • Website Importer
  • 200+ Templates
  • Media and Gallery
  • Cloud hosting included
  • 1 email account

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From £5.00/month

Make professional websites

Prices exclude VAT where applicable

  • 1 Year Free Domain*
  • Drag-and-drop Interface
  • Website Importer
  • 200+ Templates
  • Media and Gallery
  • Cloud hosting included
  • 3 email accounts included
  • Dynamic Website Forms


From £15.00/month

For your growing business

Prices exclude VAT where applicable

  • 1 Year Free Domain*
  • Drag-and-drop Interface
  • Website Importer
  • 200+ Templates
  • Media and Gallery
  • Cloud hosting included
  • 10 email accounts
  • Website Forms
  • Online Store
  • Social Media Integration
  • Advanced Plugins
  • Professional Support

Grow your business with a successful website

Here are a few of the possibilities Easy Site Builder offers

It’s so easy. Here’s how, Easy Site Builder offers you the flexibility to customise pre-designed templates to make your website look exactly how you envisioned it on all devices. What’s more, No coding skills necessary. That means you can build your first website on your very own.

If you have experience building websites, create new ones quickly with our advanced builder feature which allows you to edit websites using HTML and CSS.

With Easy Site Builder you have all the tools necessary to create a sleek, professional website ready to publish in minutes. You have more control over what you build and we guarantee responsive that work on the devices your customers are using. You will have everything. In fact, you’ll get a top-level domain name that is perfect for you. Also, our support team is devoted to serving you and is accessible around the clock.

Get our award-winning Easy Site Builder tool today and build the way experts do. Listen below to learn more.

Build Something Beautiful

We’ve got all you need to create a professional and attractive online presence.

Get started with these easy steps:

1. Choose a template

Scroll through our beautiful template library and choose a great design that you’re guaranteed to love!

You have the power to do what you always wanted. Sign up today and gain access to gorgeous websites that are ready to customise and publish.

2. Be Bold and Unique

Instantly bring your website to life by adding your unique touch. Add custom images, text, colours and more.

This flexible siteBuilder brings the best tools to your fingertips with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

3. Launch your website

Get your site online in just two easy clicks and start welcoming your new customers today.

Site Builder Homepage Image

Update your Advanced site on the go

Build, edit and publish your website from your any portable smart device. You’re always in control of your website and your business!

Grow your business with a successful website

Build for busy people

Just like social media, Easy Site Builder is designed to get things done in minutes. Change colours, fonts, images and more, to create your exclusive brand.

Instant sharing

Capture a photo on your mobile and publish straight to your website. Your visitors will love how quickly you share things.

Move to the top

Websites with fresh content rank higher in search engines. Sitebuilder´s speed and simplicity makes it even easier to keep your audience updated, at home or on-the-go.

MyBuilder Website Builder

With the Ecommerce Plan you get free consultancy from our Web experts.

Each template delivers high quality, a professional finish and custom designs for creating something truly unique.

Easy Site Builder Features plans include the following features…

Free Domain

We offer you a free domain registration. Applies to the following extensions only: .xyz, .website, .club, .shop, .team, .media, .online, .store, .site

Everything Automated

You can focus on your website. We take care of all the technical parts for you.

E-commerce Website

Use one of our e-commerce templates to start selling your products easily.

Fast Loading Websites

Nobody loves waiting to see a website. Thanks to our technology, your website is loaded extremely fast.


Your website is secure on our server with daily backups. We can also provide SSL certificates.

Payment Providers

You can easily setup payment procedure for your e-commerce websites.

Webdesigning was never so easy!

The Easy Site Builder with industrial-strength foundations.

Our site builder is built from the ground-up to run at massive scale and serve the most demanding global businesses, we host your site on the amazon infrastructure.

Just pick a Template and add your content by copy paste or just write like in Word!

The site builder designed by professionals.

Website design is always evolving so we include regular updates to our design library. All of our designs are created by our own multinational team of professional designers and any design can be completely customised to create a unique site.

The site builder with a fully integrated store.

Open your store today.

Our four-step setup process will quickly get your store ready to go. We’ve built the store right in to the sitebuilder so your store will perfectly match your site. No additional software is required.

Take payments in minutes.

We’ve included a choice of payment gateways so you can take credit card via Stripe and PayPal payments quickly and securely. When you receive an order, we’ll inform you.

Easy Site Builder FAQs

Who is Easy Site Builder for?

Everyone! The beauty of our site maker is that it is built with newcomers and experts in mind. First, our templates are so responsive that no coding or IT skills are required to create websites. Then, developer mode was created for advanced users. Our site builder has already been used to create over 2 million websites around the world.

What are the hosting specifications?

The specifications are as follow:

500MB Disk Space
Unlimited Traffic
100+ Website Templates

Do I need to install something before using the site builder?

No. There’s no need to install anything, everything is online and changes are autosaved as you edit.

How long does it take to get started?

It all depends on the kind of site you want to make. A simple 1 page website with your own pictures and words could be edited and published in under 30 minutes. A larger website with more pages and more content might take a few hours.

How many pages can my site have?

There is no fixed limit and it’s possible to create sites with hundred of pages and thousands of blog posts.

Is this site builder e-commerce ready?

Yes. We’ve got ready to use e-commerce templates so you can customise your e-store and start earning right away.

Can I start a blog?

Absolutely! Our siteBuilder has everything you’ll need to start a blog.

Can I add MP4 files?

No. We recommend hosting your video on popular video sites such as YouTube or Vimeo then installing a widget to share it directly on your website.

Can I add a contact form?

Yes you can! Just select the contact form option, customise it, and be sure to add an email address to receive messages from your visitors.

Can I put ads on my website?

Yes! You can add advertisements but you should be aware that very few new sites generate significant advertising revenue.

Can I view my website before I publish it?

Yes. You can see how your finished website looks on a smartphone, tablet or PC by clicking the preview button and the appropriate icon.

Can I change the template after adding content to a website?

Yes. Don’t hesitate to choose the best template that makes your company shine! If you change your mind about a template, switch easily all your data will be transferred to the new template!

Can I upload Videos to my Website?

Yes! You can add videos from YouTube, Vimeo or any other popular video site. Hosting your video on one of these sites can improve your website’s speed.

My website looks different in the builder from the published one? How do I fix this?

  1. Check if wide version of your website is correct (turn it off, if not);
  2.  Then clear your internet browser cache
  3. Verify if you have changed DNS (CNAME) records for your domain to CNAME (where “X” could be “eu”, “us” or “tw” – depending on server where builder is installed.