WHOIS Search, Domain Lookup

Find-out who owns a domain name. 

Learn when a domain expires

Understanding when a domain will expire is useful if you want to buy it and it’s already taken. The owner might decide to sell as the deadline draws near or, better yet, let it lapse, and you'll be there to buy it.

See who owns a domain name

Use our WHOIS search tool if you want to acquire a domain or find out who the owner is. Type a domain name to fetch important details like availability, ownership, creation, and expiration.

Check availability of a domain name

Simply enter the domain name you are interested in Hosting.co.uk's WHOIS domain search to find out whether it is currently available or not.

What Exactly Is the WHOIS Domain Lookup?

The WHOIS Domain search by Hosting.co.uk displays the most recent information entered into the official WHOIS domain database. You can use it to get free information about a particular domain's registrant as often as you like. 

How WHOIS Search Works?

Every time someone registers a domain name; they must provide ICANN with their contact information. Use our domain lookup service to obtain some of this data, accessible on the public WHOIS database. 

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Privacy for

When you register or transfer your domain, the Domain ID protection service provides you with immediate data security. Block spam and hide your registration details with WHOIS Privacy. 


Register or transfer to access our free DNS/domain nameserver administration service. Simply choose the option during checkout, and we'll take care of the rest. 

Find who owns a domain or website.

The WHOIS search frequently asked questions are answered here. 


What exactly is the WHOIS database?

All domain names registered online are recorded in the WHOIS database. Therefore, if you register a domain, your data will be entered to the WHOIS database as the owner of a given domain.  

Alternately, the database is widely used to find details and records about domain names, such as registration and expiration dates, the name servers and current domain registrar, as well as the contact details of the domain name owner. 

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