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The UK’s top-ranked domain. 




Make people to see you. 




Europe’s Internet Marketplace. 




*VAT not included. It will be added where applicable. 


What are new domain name extensions?

New TLD extensions are periodically released. So you can secure the name of your dreams with new domain TLDs  like .lawyer, .store, or .app.

Personalize your website

Make a statement with a domain name that is industry-specific.

Even more choices

Many (short) domain names are still accessible, so can find the perfect one.

Be the first to register

Be a step ahead of competitors. Reserve new TLDs to secure your brand.

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Bundled with your domain TLD registration

A domain TLD registration with is easily arranged. You also benefit from handy extras.

Easy Domain Forwarding

Free domain name forwarding to a website or social media account. Set it up fast and easy with a few mouse clicks with any cPanel Hosting.

Free Email Forwarding

Create and forward your domain name email to an e-mail address that you already own for free. This way you are always reachable!

Dedicated Domain Help

Do you have a question or concern for a dns server, domain management, or another topic? We'll provide fast and effective assistance.

Frequently Asked Domain Extension Questions

What are the prices of the new domain extensions?

The cost of the new domains will vary, and when available, price details will be displayed on the new domain extension page. To view the prices, select your extension from the table above. 

The new domain extensions are the same as TLDs, right?
What does the table's "Country" column mean?
A gTLD is what? Are they equivalent to domain extensions?
Will the Internet's functioning be altered by the additional domains?
Are domains available in languages besides English?

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