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Steps to increase your Website’s Traffic

Our tool was developed by SEO experts, who sought to help nontechnical website owners to improve their sites on their own. Giving these websites a greater chance of getting more site visitors and better SEO rankings by using keywords that lands the site in the right hands.

  • Scans and Identifies SEO errors on website and mobile sites which need fixing or attention.
  • Helps you to quickly implement SEO best practices, thus improving website traffic and increasing your market.
  • Raise your website’s ranking on all major Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)
  • Discretely monitor 4 competitor SEO keywords. The best part is they’ll never you’re watching.

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Do your own SEO with Ranking.name SEO Tool

Introducing Ranking.name, the best SEO software for 2019. It’s a do-it-yourself SEO tool that helps regular website owners with little or no technical skills to locate SEO issue on their site then gives tips on how to fix them. These elements typically help to improve the site’s usability – UX, search engine position and overall website’s speed. Here’s how our SEO analyser works:

Optimise your pages

Your content optimisation woes are over! Now, you can optimise each page on your website with keywords that help you to position your website better in search engines. Plus, our tool takes things a step further by providing custom reports after each SEO scan with instructions on how to fix these SEO issues. It’s the easiest SEO tool to use and you’ll love the results.

Here are the top uses of our tool:

Diagnostic Scans of your website

The SEO tool checks for and reports back on weak areas of your site, such as content, keywords, and HTTP errors.

Set Frequent SEO Scan Intervals

The SEO checker performs automatic scans of your website to check results, and lets you conduct manual scans whenever you see the need.

SEO Review customised for you

The SEO tool provides you with a detailed, customised guide, with clear procedures.

Custom SEO Progress Report

Easily compare results of your scans and guided tasks in real-time. As soon as you make changes you can run another scan to check the success of your efforts and get feedback right away.

Use the best SEO tools to analyse your website’s keywords, content, and performance. Scan your site for free to get your Free SEO report.

Review your website in-depth

Before you can improve, or, indeed, optimise your site, you need a review. Our Ranking.name tool is an industry-leading innovation and is ideal for both organisations and individual website owners. Start by generating a free SEO report that shows how your website is performing across various essential SEO parameters, such as the following:

  • Over all website performance
  • Keyword rankings
  • On-page Optimisation
  • Social media activity
  • Content strength
  • Website responsiveness
  • 404, 503, and other HTTP page errors
  • Review Backlinks


Analyse your website with our SEO checker now.

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View the Full Picture

The Ranking.name SEO Tool gives you instant reports, showing all the technical issues with your website, from the perspective of an expert. It is an on-page report that generates jargon free, easy-to-read reports with tips. Therefore, you will not need an SEO expert to explain what needs to be done to improve your website—you are the expert when you team up with our tool!

SEO tools for website ranking are the lifelines of any website’s advertising mix. It is the pipeline by which a website brings its products and services to the screens of its target customers. Using our SEO tool, you will outrank the competition and top the SERPs.

Improve your search engine results pages (SERPs)

Our SEO tool lets you build legitimate, loyal followers. The increase in website visits from organic traffic helps you increase your sales. It is the most versatile SEO tool that uses advanced SEO matrix to improve your site’s ranking in the SERPs:

  • Content Optimisation: Use our SEO tool to optimise your blog content by complying with search engine requirements. Avoid duplication and weak content. Fix URLs, sub-titles, and meta-tags. And more.
  • Social Media Optimisation: Increase your web-based productivity and engage more with customers and sales leads.

Talk with an SEO Expert

Let us help you improve your website. We have expert support on hand to help you access our SEO tool or answer any questions related to our product. We are available 365 days a year, including holidays.

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Will my subscription renew automatically after the term ends?

Yes, it will. This applies to both the annual and the monthly subscriptions.

I have no background knowledge of SEO. Will I be able to work with your SEO tool?

Ranking.name is built for clients like you who have virtually no knowledge of SEO. You may initially find some of the SEO concepts a little abstract. But don’t worry. It will all become clear as you continue to use the tool. We have explained all elements that seems overly technical in the simplest way possible. However, if you have any other SEO questions, please contact us. We will be glad to assist!

Will my competitors be aware that I am monitoring them?

No-one realises that you are checking their data. Only you can view any data that our tool generates when our SEO tools analyse websites—both yours, and your competitors’ sites.

What can you achieve with our SEO Tool?

  • Develop a strong marketing mix by getting to know your customers’ needs, via information you’ll gather from leading SEO crawlers
  • Learn from our SEO checker about the complexity and volume of keywords, and how to use them effectively
  • Use a custom keyword list for search bots, competitors, and others

What does our Do-It-Yourself SEO Tool Do?

  • Drives organic traffic to a given website
  • Improves your website’s SERP ranking on popular engine’s like Google
  • Enhances website visibility and boosts traffic