Know everything about the .biz domain

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What is the .biz domain?

This top level domain is derived from the word ‘business’; it’s the phonetic spelling of the first syllable. It can be very helpful for people who find that their preferred domain name is already taken by a ‘.com’ business, as ‘.biz’ is similarly targeted towards commercial sites and has the same global appeal. It isn’t as widely used, but it is recognised in the UK and beyond, making it a great alternative for businesses of all types and sizes.

Who should use the .biz TLD?

Anyone can register a ‘.biz’ top level domain as there are no official restrictions when you buy it – however, you should be a commercial enterprise, no matter what you sell or how large or small your business is. It’s a great alternative to the more common ‘.com’ or even ‘’ top level domains, as it is similarly commercial.
Although larger businesses may choose ‘.com’ or ‘’ simply because it’s an obvious choice, ‘.biz’ can set your site apart. It clearly denotes the purpose of your website, and it isn’t geographically restrictive. This may be why it is so popular with smaller businesses and those that operate in specific local areas.

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