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We have all heard of .com, which is the most popular Top Level Domain in the world. But, as of 2014, companies can now register their website using the domain

This exciting new TLD was primarily designed for corporations that had missed out on the chance to register their company with a .com address. Using enables them to use the desired .com ending, but at a cheaper price. Here, .com functions as the main TLD, whilst the ‘.co’ part of your website’s address will form a kind of subdomain. As such, this TLD which uses .com with a .co before it is a ‘second level Top Level Domain‘. This makes it cheaper but also still recognisably a TLD – if you run a SME, then, you get the best of both worlds when you apply to register using this particular TLD.

What are the advantages of using a TLD? TLDs are instantly impressive, ensuring that visitors to your site see it as high powered, reputable and impressive. When it is registered using a TLD, your site will appear higher in search engine rankings and it will also attract much larger numbers of visitors from all across the globe.

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