‘.co.uk’ is a well-known top level domain that is well-trusted and suited to a range of purposes. Although it often denotes a website used for business (‘.co’ stands for ‘commercial’), such as a shop or company, as long as your website is specific to the United Kingdom it can also denote a more general site. There aren’t any official restrictions on its use, so if you think it will suit your site, you can register this as your own top level domain with Hosting.co.uk.

The ‘.co.uk’ top level domain is by far the most common of the ‘.uk’ options, and is in fact the most widely registered top level domain in the United Kingdom. It is typically viewed as trustworthy and accessible, and it’s easy for users to remember as well.

Who should use the .co.uk TLD?

The ‘.co.uk’ top level domain is most suitable for websites that don’t need to reach a global audience. (If you intend your site to be used by people across the globe, consider something more universal, such as ‘.com’.) Use this top level domain if your content is targeted towards people in the United Kingdom, particularly if you run a business.

Examples of people who might use this top level domain include UK-based businesses who don’t focus on international sales, UK-based institutions (who want something more commercial than ‘.org.uk’) and informational services to name but a few. In fact, any website based in the UK will find this top level domain a practical and easy choice.

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Register your .co.uk Domain

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