.co.uk Domains

A well-known UK domain name, ‘.co.uk’ is both trustworthy and multi-functional. The domain name can be used for a whole range of different purposes, and is currently the go to choice for brands based in the United Kingdom. While the .co.uk domain name often denotes a website used for businesses, such as shops or companies, (‘.co’ stands for ‘commercial’), as long as your website is specific to the United Kingdom it can also be used to denote a more general site. There are no official restrictions on the use of .co.uk domain names. So, if you think it will suit your site, you can go ahead and register this domain name as your new top level domain with Hosting.co.uk.

What is the .co.uk domain? 

The ‘.co.uk’ top level domain is by far the most common of the.uk options, and is in fact the most widely registered top level domain in the United Kingdom. It is typically viewed as trustworthy and accessible, and it’s easy for users to remember as well.

Why choose a .co.uk domain name?

When you choose a .co.uk domain name, you quickly give your website an authentic and reputable look which users will immediately notice. The domain name is particularly useful for businesses operating within the United Kingdom, and can be a real asset to companies looking to attract a UK audience. 

The difference between .co.uk and .uk

The .uk domain name was introduced more recently than the original .co.uk domain name. While there isn’t any difference in terms of functionality, the .co.uk domain name has been around for much longer and is therefore sometimes preferred by users. However, if a business is looking to create a shorter, snappier website address that’s as memorable as it is original, choosing a .uk domain name can be a great choice. 

Who can buy a .co.uk domain?

All .co.uk domain names that are currently available can be purchased by any individual or business looking to create a .co.uk website. The domain names can easily be bought online, and are ideal for companies with a UK audience. Companies looking to expand internationally are advised to opt for a domain name with a larger reach, such as .com.

Who should use the .co.uk TLD?

The ‘.co.uk’ top level domain is most suitable for websites that don’t need to reach a global audience. (If you intend your site to be used by people across the globe, consider something more universal, such as ‘.com’.) Use this top level domain if your content is targeted towards people in the United Kingdom, particularly if you run a business. Examples of people who might use this top level domain include UK-based businesses who don’t focus on international sales, UK-based institutions (who want something more commercial than ‘.org.uk’) and informational services to name but a few. In fact, any website based in the UK will find this top level domain a practical and easy choice. For all our TLDs, please visit our overview of all domains!

How to buy and register a .co.uk domain name?

Buying and registering a .co.uk domain name couldn’t be easier. At hosting.co.uk, you’ll find a huge selection of popular domain names. Search for domain names that are most relevant to your business name, and browse the options to see which names inspire you.  Search for domain names online. Once you find one you like, you can register it in just a few clicks. Prices for .co.uk domain names start at just £5.99 per year, and there are some great domain names available right now. Browse our available domain names to get started.