‘.com’ is the most popular top level domain in the world. It is derived from the world ‘commercial’, as it originally signified that a website was run by a commercial organisation such as a shop or business. However, the ‘.com’ top level domain can now be used by anyone, whether their website is commercial or not. The vast majority of international sites, as well as many local ones, use this top level domain as it is common, easy to remember, and tends to do well in search engine results.

Who should use the .com TLD?

The ‘.com’ top level domain is generic and will suit a wide range of websites, whether it is informational, commercial, or anything else. If you intend your website to be used by people across the globe – for example, if you aren’t a small business that only caters to your local area – ‘.com’ will be particularly appropriate.

Using the ‘.com’ top level domain can help your site come across as professional, accessible and recognisable, and it will certainly be one of the easiest ones for users to remember. As so many of the internet’s most popular sites use this top level domain, you’re more likely to attract an international audience.

However, if you’re a small business or your website is specific to your local area, consider using a different top level domain such as ‘.co.uk’ or ‘.biz’. These will more accurately show users what your site is for.

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