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What is the domain?

The domain is an educational resource that enables individuals and small businesses to succeed online. The UK domain is ideal for individuals and small businesses to succeed online. Nominet registry manages the TLD and its company, an NGO also uses technology to create a brighter future.

These alternative domains are highly useful in the event that a .com company already owns the domain. In this case, you can still find available options in the option. The domains are also target commercial websites and have the same appeal around the world. It's not as well-known, but it is still a popular option for businesses of all sizes.


Why choose the domain?

You can make it all about yourself with Use it to explore and share your passions, dreams and show off your best work. The top-level domain is your online presence. It can be used to host blogs, social campaigns and portfolios as well as personal websites. With, make your .uk website more "you".

Why register a extension?

The extension is just like .me. It is typically only for personal use. However, it is not mandatory. Anyone can use the extension for any purpose. It is a second-level domain country code for the United Kingdom. The top-level domain,, is the most used extension. You can do the following with a domain:

  • You have a known UK domain
  • Feel very personal yet local
  • It's ideal for UK audiences to blog
  • Regroup all your social media feeds in one place
  • Easily showcase your portfolio

What is the difference between and

The TLD is the main UK domain, is a great choice for any business or enterprise, while the extension is ideal for personal blogs, portfolios and hobbies.

Your Partner in the Domain Frequently Asked Questions FAQ'S

Can my personal information be made public online?

Any name or address that is linked to your domain name will be hidden from the public by default following GDPR (even if it's a business). This can still be made visible by e.g. If you wish to sell your domain, you will need to do this through your domain name provider (registrar).

How can I choose the right?