Know everything about the .eu domain

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What is the .eu domain?

Although uncommon, the ‘.eu’ top level domain is rapidly gaining in popularity, particularly with people, companies and organisations that require a presence within different countries in the European Union. This, of course, is what ‘.eu’ stands for. It is less generic than the more usual ‘.com’ and ‘’ top level domains, which makes it useful for websites that are specifically related to the European Union, commercially or otherwise.

Who should use the .eu TLD?

You can only register a ‘.eu’ top level domain if you are located in the European Economic Area. Aside from that, you can be an individual, an organisation, or a company, and your site can host any kind of content.

Having said that, this top level domain is most suited to websites that have an interest in something specifically European; perhaps you ship things between European countries, or your site distributes information about culture in different European countries.
If you have a business within the EU, or you intend on starting one, then registering an ‘.eu’ top level domain could be an important part of your business plan, as it will show that you have international reach, and may even lend your site an air of authority.