How to save a .info domain

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What is the .info domain?

As you might expect, ‘.info’ is short for ‘information’; however, there aren’t any official restrictions for people who want to use this top level domain, so you’ll notice a wide variety of content on these sites. As ‘.info’ stands for ‘information’ in at least 35 languages, this is a truly global top level domain that is used all over the globe. By its very nature it is easy to remember, making it highly practical, and it is easy for a user to recognise the informational function of the site.

Who should use the .info TLD?

Anyone can register a ‘.info’ top level domain with, but thanks to its widely-recognised use, it’s most suited to sites that offer information on a specific subject. Though ‘.info’ sites are not usually commercially-led, this top level domain can be a real help if the ‘.com’ or ‘’ name you want is already taken.

If you ran a site dedicated to cat care, as an example, this top level domain would be ideal, particularly if you want to reach a potentially global audience. It’s professional and widely recognised, making your site feel more authoritative.

Although ‘.com’ is an automatic choice for many users, ‘.info’ is far more specific, so if you’re not worried about choosing the most obvious ending, this could be the top level domain for you. Other examples of content that would suit this domain are fan sites, community information or tourism sites, sites that are designed to inform and educate, and non-profit organisations dedicated to spreading awareness.

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