How to save a .media domain

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Register .Media Domain?

The .media top-level domain is used by enthusiasts, hobbyists, entrepreneurs and businesses. Its uses are very similar to TLDs such as .tech, .press, and even .music. It is an alternative if a more popular version of your domain name, such as .com or your country-specific TLD has been taken already. However, it is more often used by companies and businesses that operate in the media sector. The .media sets up a mild expectation that a journalistic or news website may exist on the domain, which is why news websites may use a dot media top-level domain. The dot media TLD does set up a few broad expectations, which is why it should not be used if you are thinking of setting up a gaming, social media or eCommerce website because people will not expect it when they see the dot media TLD.

Who should use the .Media Top Level Domain?

Typically, it is used by medium and larger sized companies to host the media side to their online presence. A company may have an app site, a base website, and then a media site. It may be used to host downloadable content and online services. Smaller companies that operate in the media sector may choose a dot media TLD, and larger companies with a news section to their business may also use the dot media top-level domain. Journalistic companies have a lot of competition, which is why their industry is crowded by “dotcoms.” If their business or brand name wishes to go online but the dot com is taken, then dot media is a suitable alternative; however, it may be easier and more beneficial to change the domain name to one where the dot com has not been taken.