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What is the domain?

Sites ending in ‘’ are most commonly used by non-profit organizations based in the United Kingdom. The ‘org’ in the ‘’ top level domain stands for ‘organisation’, while ‘.uk’ denotes the location of the organisation. For this reason it is very popular with charities; almost every major charity in the UK, such as Oxfam and the RSPCA, use this top level domain. If you run your own non-profit organisation, choose this top level domain from today.

Who should use the TLD?

This top level domain is most commonly used by organisations that don’t operate for profit. Because it is so widely used by major charities, it helps to convey a sense of trust and authority. ‘’ is generally a better choice than ‘’ for non-profit organisations as it clearly states your website’s purpose, and the latter is seen as more commercial.

Of course, this top level domain should only be used by organisations based in the United Kingdom that don’t have an international reach. The ‘.uk’ ending can help search engines identify you to users who are looking for results confined to the United Kingdom, which may help you find the right audience. However, if you want to reach an international audience, consider ‘.org’ instead, as this won’t limit users by geographical location.
Be aware that if someone is looking for your website, they may automatically search for the more common ‘’ top level domain instead. For this reason many organisations consider buying both.