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The .online TLD is a simple replacement for .com. It is not country specific such as .fr or It is a domain for companies and people who feel that their website has a global appeal. The .online top-level domain is understood in 24 languages, and is an easy concept to grasp. It is also not constrained by any type of industry in the same way that other top-level domains are. The .online TLD simply implies that the website, brand or product is on the internet. A company that has a very strong offline brand that now wishes to advertise its new website may benefit from using the dot online top-level domain. The same is true of a company that has engineered a very popular app and now wish to set up a website for it. Such companies may be inclined to set up a dot online version of their website and redirect it to their dot com website.

Who should use the .Online Top Level Domain?

Companies with global appeal should use this type of TLD. If your company, brand or product appeals to a number of different people from different countries, then you should consider this type of top-level domain. The dot online top level domain is also handy for companies and small businesses that already have a fantastic offline reputation and wish to indicate that they have a website. Companies that have an app may like to indicate that they also have a website by using the TLD.

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