Getting Started with WHMCS

Here is how to get started automating your reseller hosting with WHMCS.

Once you have purchased a reseller hosting account from us, you will have a login to WebHost Manager (WHM). Make sure you have this ready.

Step 1:  Buy the license

You also need to buy a WHMCS license. You can buy the license from us.

Step 2: Connect WHM to WHMCS

  • 2.1 Login to WHMCS.
  • 2.2 Hover your mouse over Setup then go to Products/Services, and click Servers.
  • 2.3 Find the Add New Server button and click it.
  • 2.4 Now on the servers page, fill in the required fields: Name, Hostname, IP Address, Type, and WHM username / password. If you don’t know these, most are available in AMP on your Account Technical Information.
  • 2.5 To check that the settings are correct, click on the Test Connection button.
  • 2.6 Click Save Changes.

Step 3: Login to WHMCS

Once the WHMCS module is installed you can log in to the panel to configure and get things started with your panel. Once you login you will see the admin area with the dashboard where you can see the overview of your company operations.

Step 4: Customizing WHMCS

Once you have completed the installation it is recommended that you configure the panel and customise it to suit your business requirements. We recommend you to customise in the following order;

  • 4.1 General Settings
    To configure your general settings, log in to your admin area and then click SetupGeneral Settings.
  • 4.2 Payment Gateways.
    Setup your Payment Gateways by clicking Setup Payment Gateways.
  • 4.3 Add your servers to WHMCS
    Navigate to SetupProducts/ServicesServers to add your servers to WHMCS.
  • 4.4  Products and Services.
    Navigate to Setup Products/ServicesProducts and Services to setup and configure the products and services that you’re offering.
  • 4.5 Domain Registrar.
    Navigate to SetupProducts/ServicesDomain Registrars to setup your domain registrar.
  • 4.6 Setup Domain Pricing
    Navigate to SetupDomain Pricing to configure your domain pricing.
  • 4.7 Support
    Navigate to SetupSupport Departments to setup your Support Ticket Departments
  • 4.8 Setup email piping so you can manage tickets using the WHMCS Support Desk.
  • 4.9 Ensure the WHMCS Cron Job is set up and configure automated tasks (Setup > Automation Settings)
  • 4.10 Verify that everything works as expected. Place some test orders on the website and check if the system creates an invoice, is able to collect payments etc.