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Register a .Site Domain

It is a short, easy-to-understand and globally-recognised top-level domain. It may be used to help a company cover all bases, so that if a user types in their domain name with the .site, then they are redirected to the company’s main website. It is also a very simple way of marking your place on the internet and is an alternative to .com or your country-specific domain name. It is also easy to remember, and is used by companies where using .com or another TLD may be confusing. For example, if your company was called “Com,” then having a website called “” is better than “”

Who should use the .Site Top Level Domain?

Companies and people who have multiple facets to their online presence may need and require a dot site top-level domain. For example, if a company has a service on their dot com website and an app on their dot media website, and an eCommerce website on their dot store, then they may need a .site website to explain their process, give an insight into their company, or to allow users to tailor and administer their accounts. Using the dot site TLD as a personal website for staff members is also rather common, especially if it is used for administrative tasks and/or if a local intranet is not a viable or usable option for a company.

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