How to save a .uk domain

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What is the .uk domain?

The ‘.uk’ top level domain is fairly unusual when used by itself; ‘’ is far more common. However, ‘.uk’ can be used in its own right to denote a website with content that is particular to the United Kingdom.

This top level domain can be confused with the more common ‘’ by many users, so make sure this is the name you really want for your site. Anybody who owns a domain name ending in ‘’ will automatically have the ‘.uk’ ending reserved for them for five years, so your choices may be limited if you wish to register a similar site within that time period. If you want the ‘.uk’ top level domain, we recommend registering a ‘’ version as well so user who type in either ending can easily find your site.

Who should use the .uk TLD?

The top level domain ‘.uk’ is only suitable for users who only have content that is specific to (or aimed at) users in the United Kingdom. Using this name may also help search engines such as Google to find your website and show it to people who are looking for national, not international, results. In short, use ‘.uk’ if you want to state that your website is specific to the United Kingdom but don’t want to make it sound commercial.

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