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What is the .xyz domain?

A Top Domain Name under the TLD .xyz will put your site right at the top of the hierarchy of internet domains.

Using a .xyz shows that you are reputable and internet savvy, and also demonstrates that you are able to run with the big players online. One of the most popular and desirable TLDs in the present day ends .xyz. This TLD was released in late 2014, and by mid 2015 around 1.5 million website owners had registered to use it. In 2016, it was found to be the fourth most popular TLD in use at the time, and the only TLDs above it were the really big players in the online world, namely .org, .net and .com.

One of the first, and most major, corporations to use this TLD was Google, who registered as the address for its corporate site Alphabet.Inc. One of the most attractive features of the TLD that ends .xyz is the fact that it is not country specific. That means that it is absolutely perfect for large international corporations or for any website that has a globalised outlook and that does not want to appear as if it is tied parochially to a single country.

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