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Hosting Misconceptions

8 Dedicated Server Myths – Busted

Currently, there are several web hosting solutions available. However, did you know that a dedicated server is at the foundation of every type of web hosting solution? From shared hosting to huge cloud hosting platforms there is a physical server in a data centre somewhere. Every single one starts with a dedicated server even if […]

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Bare-Metal vs Dedicated Servers

Bare Metal or Dedicated Server: Which is better?

Bare metal or dedicated server? Yet another decision to make regarding the best hosting option for your business. Technology is constantly evolving to match the ever-changing needs of users. While this is great since it means there is something out there for just about everyone, for those who do not speak ‘tech,’ the prospect of having […]

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VPS to a Dedicated Server

Best Tips for Migrating from VPS to a Dedicated Server

  Your hard work is paying off, your online business is blossoming and traffic to your website keeps skyrocketing. With this overwhelming growth, you are recognising the need for more hosting resources to ensure your systems continue to work smoothly. Either you can keep upscaling your VPS plan or you can migrate your website from […]

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8 ways to Secure your Dedicated Server

8 Ways to Secure your Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers are the leading hosting environment on the market without a doubt, next to the cost-effective VPS hosting of course. While dedicated hosting packs the ultimate webhosting experience in terms of overall features and the amazing power of an entire server at your website’s disposal, security is still a concern. In fact, many users […]

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Dedicated servers plans

How much does a dedicated server really cost?

  Investing in a website is one of the best decisions you can make for your company. Where you host it is just as important as the site itself. If you are a newbie to website building it is recommended that you sign up for a shared hosting plan. However, if you start needing lots of […]

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Web Hosting Beginners Guide

Web Hosting: A Beginners Guide

If you’re ready to make your first website, congratulations! A website is almost crucial to the success of any business today. This guide will help you understand the basics of web hosting so you can get your business online, and start spreading your message. What is Web Hosting? A web host provides a place to store […]

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dedicated server

Dedicated Servers: What to Look for in a Great Host

You have finally decided to move your web presence to a dedicated hosting service, like Hosting.co.uk? Congratulations! There is a myriad of advantages to having your professionally maintained dedicated server, like: You do not have to share server resources with other websites and worry about them jamming your traffic. Your professional hosting service will guarantee […]

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