8 Dedicated Server Myths – Busted

Currently, there are several web hosting solutions available. However, did you know that a dedicated server is at the foundation of every type of web hosting solution? From shared hosting to huge cloud hosting platforms there is a physical server in a data centre somewhere. Every single one starts with a dedicated server even if it goes unnoticed by layers or virtualisation. However, as the number of web hosting options grow, so do the hype. Which sadly gives birth to several misconceptions, what we will refer to as dedicated server myths.

Many persons believe that dedicated servers are complex and less flexible when compared to other hosting options. So, before debunking the myths, let,s define what a dedicated server really is.

Dedicated Server Definition

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8 Dedicated Server Myths - Busted 3

Dedicated server is a web hosting option that includes exclusive use of computer hardware, server, RAM, bandwidth and software. Since the server is devoted to you alone, you have the freedom to customise and configure it to meet the exact needs of you organisation.

A dedicated server is a great option for businesses and individuals who want to attract and keep a large amount of organic traffic to their website.

Dedicated server myths

Okay, now that we’ve established a worthy definition for a dedicated server, let’s examine some of the many concerns that users have. First of all, dedicated servers are know to offer more hosting options, freedom and flexibility when compared to other types of hosting. So, if that’s the case what’s all the racket about? No worries, below we’ll debunk 8 dedicated server myths or misconceptions about dedicated server hosting. Let’s dive in.

1. Dedicated Hosting Clients Have No Control

One of the top misconceptions about dedicated server hosting is that it assumes control of everything leaving the customer completely on the outside looking in.

You will not have physical access to the server hardware. While this is fact, you will have complete control of the resources as well as the platforms, applications or solutions hosted there.

2. Dedicated Servers Don’t Scale

While there are some differences, dedicated servers scale just as much as other server hosting options. In comparison to cloud platforms, dedicated servers have a much higher resource ceiling. Dedicated servers scale horizontally, similar to cloud server technology.

Because there is no ceiling with dedicated server hosting, it is easy for you to upgrade/increase your server resources to facilitate a growing company. The bandwidth allocation is huge and with great system resources.

3. Dedicated hosting isn’t reliable

This misconception about the unreliability of dedicated server hosting couldn’t be further from the truth. After all, reliability is one of the top benefits of using dedicated servers. Today’s dedicated servers are customisable and fully accessible to clients. As a result, they provide quality support at a higher level than their competition.

Another reason dedicated servers are reliable is the simple fact that customers do not share resources. You get a devoted server and the resources are yours alone and not shared with other users. This is crucial and beneficial to organisations, especially those with real-time applications or customer-facing platforms. That way organisations will have access to their platforms at all times resulting in productiveness. In addition, consumers will not lose access to the resources they need to connect with your business.

Businesses have grown to know and trust the high-quality reliability of dedicated resources knowing their solutions will always be available.

4. Dedicated hosting provides low bandwidth

On the contrary, you usually get a lot more bandwidth with dedicated servers, than you would with shared or VPS hosting. In addition, with dedicated server hosting, you get RAM and processor power that is yours alone.

5. Dedicated hosting is only for well-established businesses

Dedicated server is considered the giant of server hosting services. That is why it is not uncommon for persons to believe that it is only for huge organisations. Whereas, big companies are usually the ones who gravitate towards dedicated server because it has powerful resources, other companies stand to gain as well.

Most small businesses usually start out with shared or VPS hosting only to switch over to dedicated servers when their growth requires a stronger system. A better plan is to invest in a dedicated server from the onset to facilitate huge spikes in website traffic and to ensure your website has ample space to grow.

6. Shared Hosting is Just as Good

Shared hosting costs less than dedicated hosting and so it very tempting. However, the quality of resources, RAM, bandwidth and speed they both offer is incomparable. With shared hosting, you don’t have resources dedicated to you, everything is shared with tenants. This means you are affected by whatever happens to other users on the server. Shared hosting is like sharing one pizza among ten friends. Dedicated server is having a pizza part where each person gets their own pizza, the size they want and specific toppings to their liking. Shared hosting usually results in issues such as lag, problems loading and downtime. You can bypass these issues with a dedicated plan.

7. Dedicated hosting is too costly

Dedicated server hosting isn’t the cheapest hosting service on the market and there is a reason for that. You are making a valuable investment. The benefits of using dedicated server hosting far outweighs the cost, especially when you use a reputable and reliable hosting provider. Additionally, hosting providers offer a range of plans and prices so you can choose the one that suits the need of your company.

Hosting.co.uk provides a number of dedicated server hosting options. With these plans are expert 24/7/365 technical support.

8. The Data Centre Doesn’t Matter

Where your physical server is located is very important. If you look beyond the server specs and the price, you will find that the quality of the data centre that hosts your server has a significant impact on its reliability, performance, and availability.

At the top of the server hosting hierarchy is dedicated server, making it the ideal choice for companies and individuals.

Are you ready to invest in a Dedicated Server?

By debunking some of the top dedicated server myths, we hope you have a better understanding of how it can benefit your business. Now you know that dedicated servers may be the answer to all you hosting needs. It offers a strong and secure web hosting solution designed for customers with basic to complex hosting requirements.

If you are ready to make the investment, choose one of our dedicated hosting plans that provide the best hosting solutions in the UK that’s perfect for your business. Find out more about all our hosting options here.