Case Studies: Website Cloud-based Backup eye-opening results


It seems as though there is always a new cyber threat and your website and organisation are sadly not immune. That is why it is important to backup your site and important data to prevent data loss or from having to start over in the event that something unfortunate occurs. Here we look at how cloud backup can help you to secure your information and review how Acronis Cloud Based solution was pivotal in assisting Johnson Electric the leader in motion subsystems.


What is Cloud-based backup?

Cloud-based backup solutions allow businesses and individuals to store their files and data on the Internet instead of on a physical hard drive. Cloud backup, recovery and restore solutions provide a cost-effective, secure, and reliable way of protection for the vast amounts of information produced daily.


Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Explained

The type of backup system your company needs hinges on you understanding the difference between various cloud models.

A Public cloud is managed by a third-party organisation that provides scalability and flexibility to suit your storage requirements. While a Private cloud refers to when a company creates and manages its own firewall and data centre. Hybrid cloud uses a mix of private and public data centres.

Benefits of Cloud Backup Services

If your company isn’t backing up its files there is always the fear of losing valuable data through malicious software and/or natural disaster. It is easy to eliminate that added stress and simply use software to provide data backup and recovery. Your organisation can benefit from cloud backup services.


1. Reliability

Cloud backup offers more reliability than other backup and recovery solutions. Not only does it offer top of the line protection, but also it’s easy to restore lost data from anywhere and at any time with it.

2. Ability to Use Already Existing Infrastructure

It uses a corporate network that already exists. That way you do not have to buy and install expensive equipment.

3. Tape backup shortcomings

Tape backups are usually more vulnerable to theft. With cloud technology, you can backup your important files a lot faster and it costs less.

5. Reduce Costs

All business want to reduce costs regardless of its size and annual turnover. That’s another reason cloud backup is perfect as it is a low-cost solution for data protection and recovery.


Types of backup services for websites

There are various types of data backup services. Each one addresses different risks, vulnerabilities and storage needs. It is your job to choose the best backup solution for your company.

  1. Full backups
    This is the most comprehensive and basic type of backup. A full backup system copies all your data and stores it at another location.

Pro: A whole copy of all your data is available in one place and it takes a minimal amount of time to restore.

Con: It takes longer to execute a full backup.


  1. Incremental backups
    This type of backup only copies the files and data which were changed since the previous backup.

Pro: You can do incremental backups as often as needed since only the altered data is backed up. They can be done quickly and don’t require a lot of resources.
Con: Even though an incremental backup has the fastest backup time, it has the slowest data recovery time.


  1. Differential backups
    A differential backup is similar to incremental backups in that it preserves data and saves only the difference in the data since the last full backup.

Pro: It creates a way to save changed data and new data at the same convenient place.
Con: It requires more space and time.


Risks and need for website backup

Can you imagine losing all your website data after years of hard work? It is terrifying, so much so that you must ensure it never happens to you! After all, it is avoidable with help from the right online backup software.

Here are some reasons you need to invest in backup software:


1. If you don’t you can lose all traces of the work you’ve done

There is a lot of time, energy and creativity that goes into building a professional website. Over the years, your effort multiplies. However, if you are not backing up your investment you can lose in all in a split second. That is all the content created and customisations done, gone forever.

If you are without backup software, and something unfortunate causes you to lose all your data you would have to start all over without the guarantee of your customers waiting until you do.

With backup software, you could easily restore your data and continue with business as usual.


2. Loss of Site Revenue and Customers During Recovery

If you run a website that generates its revenue from content, products or services or you run an e-commerce site, you run the risk of losing data and revenue as well. Your existing revenue will completely stop until your website is restored. This process can take a long time especially if you are the only one who runs your website and creates all its content.


What is Acronis Cloud Based Backup?

Acronis Backup software and data protection solution provides a quick and easy to protect your data. With Acronis, you are able to choose the files you want to backup or you can backup the entire system. You also get to go through your files and select the ones you want to recover.

They offer customisable backup plans and give you the option to select the kind of backup you want. It also runs in the background so you will not be bothered while working. There is end-to-end encryption to keep your data secure. You can check and restore your backed up files on both your machine and in the cloud at any time or place.


How Acronis Software Saved Johnson Electric From Ransomware


Johnson Electric Issue – Frequent Ransomware attacks

Johnson Electric is one of the world’s biggest motors subsystem provider. They have been in operation since 1959. The company suffered from ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks are a type of malware that threatens to block victims from accessing their data or publish it unless a ransom is paid.

After different backup tools failed, four malware attacks and a total of 30 hours downtime, Johnson Electric started their search for a more efficient, robust software that could protect them from current and future threats.


Johnson Electric’s search for a top of the line backup data protection software led them to Acronis Backup. Since switching to Acronis they have quadrupled their backup speed and have not suffered another ransomware attack.

In the past, it took 8hrs to backup their primary file server to an external hard drive. With Acronis, it now takes 2hrs for data duplication and full backup. Acronis has helped Johnson Electric to fasten their backup speed and protect them from malware.


How does cloud-based backup software compare to other solutions

The purpose of backup software is to duplicate vital data whenever there is an emergency such as hard drive failure, user error or natural disasters. Organisations and individuals primarily use backup software to copy and store important data on their servers and computer hard drives. There are a number of backup software to choose from. The decision is yours to compare them and then select the one that best satisfies your needs.

At we provide state-of-the-art cloud-based backup and recovery by Acronis solution. It saves and recovers your files, partitions, folders, and drives in several ways. It allows you to secure your systems physically, virtually and in the cloud. Acronis facilities this through its effective backup solution that is controlled by a single, easy-to-use console.



If you are serious about successfully developing your business, the last thing you want is to lose valuable data. Therefore, it is a no-brainer, you need a website backup solution. Cloud technology makes it easy to backup critical files with a low risk of data theft by encrypting the information. You can also quickly restore data should you unfortunately suffer a loss.