Big Data Servers vs Dedicated Server Hosting


In today’s working environment, companies have a continuously increasing volume of data. Over time the traditional SQL databases, may not be able to facilitate the storage and processing of varied high flowing data. As a result, many businesses are looking into Big Data that offers an alternative to SQL databases. Choosing the right technology with the best business intelligence is a great way to have an edge over your competitors. However, sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s best for your website. So, to help you make the most informed decision for your business we’ll compare two of the best technologies in data storage, Big Data and Dedicate Server Hosting.

How do these services benefit your business?

Big Data for Business

The phrase Big Data refers to a field that analyses and systematically extract large volumes of structured and unstructured data that is complex and difficult to process using traditional data-processing application and software techniques. Furthermore, big data can be very beneficial for companies. Helping them to improve their operations while making faster and more informed decisions.

Additionally, Big Data collects and handles information from a number of different sources including applications, emails, databases, mobile devices, and servers. This information is formatted, stored and analysed to give companies an insight into ways they can increase revenues, improve operations and retain customers. In effect, Big data often require a more robust system than regular data systems.

Dedicated Storage for Business

Dedicated hosting is not new to businesses. In fact, dedicated servers offers paid hosting services for the data a company generates. Dedicated server hosting allows business owners to benefit from full website hosting support, have complete control of the data on the server and high-performance access to that data. Plus, the packages are influenced by the needs of a company in terms of its network demands. It is best that companies shop around to see what different providers offer in order to get the best hosting plan that facilities guaranteed uptime and included bandwidth.


Distinguishing Factors Between Big Data Servers and Dedicated Server

Big data platforms handle information, pulled from a number of different sources. This information is formatted and analysed to help businesses gain customer and operational information. Along with the ability to process large amounts of data, Big data also helps businesses to grow and create new opportunities from its detailed analysis of industry data.

With dedicated servers, clients are able to lease an entire server that’s not shared by another company. Your company will have complete control over the infrastructure, including the operating system. Dedicated hosting servers are popular for providing high performance, scalable, reliable, stable hosting for businesses. It’s also the best solution for a website that gets a consistently large volume of visitors. It has the capacity to store large amounts of data.


4 Ways your Business Can Benefit From Big Data Servers

Volume, velocity and variety are three words commonly associated with Big data servers. That is because it analyses high volumes of diverse data in near-real time. By doing so Big Data gives companies access to information that was once difficult to retrieve.  In fact, here are some other ways Big Data can benefit your business.

1. Time Reductions 

With the use of high-speed tools like Hadoop and in-memory analytics Big Data servers helps companies to make quick decisions based on the findings from the data.

2. Ability to Re-brand or Create New Products

Big data analyses customer trends and satisfaction. It also gives insight into the perception customers have about your products and/or services. Armed with this knowledge companies can make the necessary changes by re-branding or creating completely new products and/or services based on what customers demand.

3. Understanding Market Conditions 

Market research is necessary for all organisations that are in the business of providing the best quality products and services based on the needs of customers. This is once again where Big Data servers come in. It helps companies to get a clearer understanding of current market conditions. These include- the most popular selling product, customers’ purchasing behaviour and trending products. This knowledge can give you an edge over your competitors.

4. Control online reputation

Your company can use Big data tools to conduct sentiment analysis. This way you can find out the public perception of your business. Knowing this you’ll be better able to monitor and improve your company’s online reputation.


Ways Your Business Can Benefit From dedicated server.

Not only does dedicated server offers high-quality website hosting options, but based on its storage capacity you can also use it to store other types of data as well. Therefore, companies can benefit significantly by using a dedicated server plan. To demonstrate how, here are a few examples:

1. Scalability

It’s easy to scale. This means that should your company need more resources you can easily upgrade your plan. Your company will have ample bandwidth allocations and large volumes of devoted system resources. As you company gathers and compiles more data a dedicated server solution will ensure you have all the hardware you need to both store and sort your files.

2. High-quality Security

It’s important that companies keep both their information and that of customers secure. With dedicated servers, your server passwords or logins are unique. Without the necessary administration permission, no one else will be able to log in. You will also have access to layers of additional security to help reduce the risk of falling cyber-attacks.

3. Control and Performance

With dedicated server, your company will have full control over its server and be able to configure it to meet its needs. In addition, because you don’t share server resources with other users, you will benefit from the full effects of all its resources.

In terms of performance, a dedicated hosting is also the best option for websites that attract a lot of traffic. Based on its RAM, bandwidth and other resources your website will function efficiently with optimum uptime.

4. Flexibility To Manage Your Growing Business

Dedicated servers are accommodating to the growing needs of your company. As your company expands online, you can configure your server to facilitate the growth without any lag or downtime. Simply modify existing services and applications or add more. This makes it flexible for your company to deal with unexpected market issues and/ or take advantage of new opportunities.



As a business owner, you will have to decide if you should keep your current operating storage system or whether you should move on to a cloud solution for dealing with your data server needs.

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