Ten Advantages of SSL Certificates

If you are unfamiliar with the term SSL certificate, we can help you to understand. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and are digital certificates that authenticate a website’s identity and enable encrypted communication between a web server and web browser.

When using Hosting.co.uk as your SSL certificate provider, your website will become one of many that enjoy maximum security and trust. Businesses worldwide use SSL certificates with their websites to ensure more secure online transactions and keep client information confidential.

10 Advantages of SSL certificates

Today, we will discuss ten advantages of SSL certificates and how they can benefit your website and your business. Let’s count down from number ten.

1. SSL Protects Customer Data


In today’s society, organisations cannot afford to have their client’s sensitive data compromised. Fortunately, the primary function of an SSL certificate is to safeguard server-client communication.

All of your data is encrypted after you install SSL. SSL certificates ensure that sensitive data such as IDs, passwords, credit card, and debit card details are protected from hackers and skimmers. SSL helps to protect this data by turning it into an undecipherable format.

2. Improves Customer Trust

Aside from encryption and authentication, SSL certificates are crucial from a customer trust viewpoint. Users feel safe when they receive messages indicating that the data they share is secure.

SSL Certificate provides websites with a trust indicator also known as a “padlock”.

The padlock indicates that the website is protected because of SSL encryption. SSL encryption is a visual indicator signalling to consumers they can trust the website’s security and validity. This leads to increased customer trust.

3. SSL Certificates Help to Boost Website SEO Rankings


A primary advantage of SSL certificates is that they are instrumental in boosting website SEO rankings.

Google is encouraging all websites to secure site visitor information with SSL certificates.

This means that Google will actively reward websites with SSL certificates with a boost in their SEO ranks, regardless of whether the page gathers personal information or not.

4. SSL Certificates Affirm your Identity

Identity verification is one of the most vital aspects of web security. When you install an SSL certificate, you must go through a validation process that is specified by a third-party organization called the Certificate Authority (CA).

Depending on the type of certificate, for example, EV SSL or OV SSL, the Certificate Authority then verifies your identity and that of your organization’s website. Your website will obtain trust indications that vouch for your honesty once your identification has been validated. Users will recognise you as legitimate if they see these.

5. SSL Protects from Phishing and other attacks

Identify Phishing Attacks
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As the user base of the internet increases, so too does the number of cyber-attacks including; phishing, fraud, and MITM attacks. If you own and operate a website securing it against such attacks should be a priority, not only for your sake but for your customers.

Including SSL certificates on your websites is one way to minimize these threats. We all know phishing involves cloning a website, well, it is almost impossible to have an SSL-certified cloned website. Getting an EV SSL Certificate is an ideal certificate for securing your website against phishing and similar attacks.

6. SSL Certificates Help to Satisfy Regulatory Compliances

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To comply with the Payments Card Industry (PCI) compliance norms, an online business is required to have at least a 128-bit SSL certificate with suitable encryption. Current PCI standards also make it obligatory to obtain the SSL certificate from a reliable source.

7. Affordability

Another advantage of SSL Certificates is their affordability. Purchasing SSL Certificates from Hosting.co.uk will not cost you a lot. There are several affordable packages to choose from whether Positive SSL, Essential SSL, Wildcard, or Sectigo EV.

Purchasing one of these packages is a small price to pay for the level of security and enhanced performance that your website will experience.

8. Easy to Install

You don’t have to be a tech expert to install SSL certificates on your computer. Most control panels allow you to install SSL with only a few clicks. Meanwhile, some hosting companies provide 24/7 support that installs the certificate for you.

9. Minimal Software Requirements

An added advantage of SSL certificate requirements is that the only thing required is a stable connection to the internet through a standard web browser. This means that you can save on the cost of software purchase and management considerably. This is advantageous for small and large organisations.

10. Security for Subdomains

A particular type of SSL certificate called ‘Wildcard’ allows you to secure your primary website and its subdomains with a single SSL certificate. This is principally useful if you own a business or maintain a large website with various subdomains.

Wrapping up

We hope that you have gained excellent reasons to consider getting SSL certificates for your website’s security. The advantages of SSL certificates are endless, your website will thank you for it.

Hosting.co.uk is the best option for SSL certificates as we provide maximum security and affordability. It’s time for you to join the thousands of website and business owners who put their security first. Don’t know which SSL suits your website? We are dedicated to helping you, just contact us for a free consultation today.