how to make a link-in-bio

How to make a link-in-bio ?

Creating a link-in-bio involves several steps, which I will explain in detail. A Videotree is essentially a landing page where you can list multiple links, making it easier for your audience to find all of your content in one place. This is particularly useful for platforms like Instagram, where you can only place one hyperlink … Read more

hosted exchange email connectivity

7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Hosted Exchange

When it comes to e-mails, many businesses are not aware of the benefits of upgrading their existing system to Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2019. POP e-mails are still widely used, mainly because of the myths that transferring your existing e-mail accounts is a time-consuming and difficult task, and that exchange requires advanced IT resources to run. … Read more

switch host

8 Scary Signs to Switch to New Hosting Provider

People often never know that they can switch to another hosting provider! Yes, it is possible, and in fact, it is recommended if you feel that your current provider is not offering you the right services you asked for. Choosing a hosting company that is in better alignment with your current website is necessary to build … Read more

Reasons to change your startup domain anme

New TLDs under £3 a year

As the amount of websites available on the World Wide Web surpasses all expectations, finding the right domain name for a website becomes challenging. Like choosing a unique baby name but not wanting it to sound wacky. Or finding the right car registration plate without needing a loan to pay for it. Choosing the right … Read more


New Top Level Domain .club

.Club is an exciting new generic TLD and is available for anyone to register. These Top Level Domain offers endless possibilities. Learn more. Read more