tiktok ecommerce website

How to use TikTok to boost ecommerce sales

There are variety of new social media platforms that can be used to boost sales on your ecommerce website. Among the platforms that are currently growing at a huge rate is TikTok. This video and music-based platform is currently home to over 600 million users worldwide and is one of the most downloaded applications for both Apple and Android for 2018 and 2019. Read more

ways to boost ecommerce sales amidst covid19

8 Clever Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales Amidst COVID19 Outbreak

Your customers are taking the coronavirus seriously, and that means that a lot of people will be in self-isolation, especially as the virus spreads. Interestingly, people tend to respond to the coronavirus in one of two ways: They’re either stocking up on products while in self-isolation, which means they’re spending way more money on eCommerce … Read more

dropshipping website

7 Simple Strategies to Setup a Dropshipping Website

In this guide, you’ll learn all there is to know about dropshipping, including how to figure out the best dropshipping products for your niche!
Find your niche
Figure out the best dropshipping products for your niche
Choose a supplier
Sort out all the legal stuff
Setup website with sitebuilder
Learn more… Read more

Track and reduce form abandonment

How to track and reduce form abandonment

Abandoned forms tend to affect your website by reducing revenue. These forms are also the main cause of lower conversions. If abandoned forms can be recovered and tracked it will result in increased revenue. So, what is form abandonment? We’ll look closely at the definition, how to spot it and reduction methods. First of all, … Read more

fast ecommerce website

How to Maintain a Fast Ecommerce Website

If you sell products and/or services, you definitely need to have a strong online presence. However, be prepared as the ecommerce space is quite competitive. Not only is there competition with local and regional brands, but you also face off with international giants such as Amazon. This exactly why you must focus on every single detail … Read more