adds 850 new-extensions-to-domain-library Releases 850+ ccTLDs & New Domain Extensions.

Thanks to’s expansion of top-level domain extension library, individuals and small businesses now have additional alternatives for registering a perfect-match domain name. Now brands may register brief, memorable descriptive domain names that reflect their branding without having to pay more for premium extensions. All of this is made possible by’s recent addition of … Read more

crypto-currency payment methods’s Approved Crypto-Currency List

We’re delighted to inform you that accepts over 50 different cypto-currency payment methods, in addition to PayPal, Credit Card and Bank Transfers. Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum are decentralised P2P digital currencies that enables instant payments. Clients can use Bitcoins and other crypto-currencies to buy Domain names, Website Hosting solutions, SSL certificates, and even … Read more


Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and a whole new world

It is fair to say that cryptocurrencies are here to stay despite recent volatility and concerns they would fade out. There are literally hundreds of different cryptocurrencies available today. However, it is Bitcoin which paved the way for this new and exciting world of digital currencies. While the term Bitcoin is now commonplace amongst Internet … Read more

DDOS Attack

Protecting your website against DDoS attacks

In years gone by Distributed Denial of Service attacks, otherwise known as DDoS attacks, were more often associated with large companies and government services. The idea that hackers and activists would spend their time, money and effort on smaller websites and companies seemed alien. However, over the years we have seen a dramatic increase in … Read more

Magento Hosting

Adobe Acquired ecommerce Software Magento

The news is out! On May 21, 2018, Adobe announced their intent to acquire Magento! This denotes the successive stage in their mission to be a leading and innovative force in every area of business. eCommerce plays an exceptionally integral role today as it becomes interlaced with Content. A leading ecommerce platform Magento is one … Read more