20 Trending Products to Sell Online

There’s nothing quite as exciting as seeing a huge sales spike on your eCommerce website. If you’ve had it happen at least once, you’ve probably spent many frustrating hours trying to get it to happen again. Never fear!

In this guide, you’ll get a list of twenty of the best products to sell online 2020.

20 trending products to sell online:

1. Wireless phone chargers

Wireless chargers are usually operated by electromagnetic power.  Because electricity forms inside the charged device instead of in a socket, wireless chargers are safe and don’t expose their users to dangerous shocks or sparks. But that’s not why wire-free charging is such a highly sought-after trend among smartphone users.

Wireless phone chargers are easier to carry around, and they never get tangled. This convenience is one reason that wireless chargers are one of the best products to sell online 2020.

2. Portable blenders

A portable blender is small enough to carry around with you, and it helps you stay healthy while traveling or staying with friends. Your health-conscious customers will love you for stocking this product!

3. Web hosting

This is an unusual one, because it doesn’t actually involve a physical product. But selling web hosting is still one of the best products to sell online 2020. Here’s how it works:

Websites are stored on servers. But servers are expensive. So, what do people do when they want to create a website? They use a web host! Web hosting companies own servers where people can store their websites in exchange for a monthly fee.

If you get a reseller hosting package from a web host, you can create your own web hosting company without buying any servers. You simply buy some server space from the web host, then resell it to your customers for a profit.

Since there are so many websites being created every day, web hosting is always a trending product to sell. And best of all, you don’t even need to spend any money on a web designer or web developer to create your web hosting website. You can use a website builder to create one in under an hour!

4. Shape-wear

Body shapers are waist-cinching, tummy-flattening, cellulite-erasing clothing miracles that make us feel more confident in our clothes. It’s no wonder that these are flying off eCommerce shelves!

5. Strapless, backless bras

Strapless, backless bras stick to the bust without any support at the shoulders or the back. This means they open up a whole new range of clothing possibilities: No more worrying about unsightly bra straps.

6. Eye-shadow stamps

An eyeshadow stamp is a flexible silicone applicator that’s shaped like an eyelid, and it makes it easy to create the perfect cut crease. In case you’re staring blankly, a cut crease is an eyeshadow technique that helps define the eyelid crease. Makeup professionals can create cut creases freehand, but people who are newer to makeup aren’t quite so skilful. Amateur makeup artists love eyeshadow stamps.

7. Drone cameras

Drones are perfect for capturing landscape shots and for adding a cinematic feel to everyday videos. They’re popular among videographers, real estate agents who want to create an aerial view of their property for campaigns, and travel vloggers who often need to take wide, sweeping shots of beautiful landscapes.

8. Boho earrings

Rustic, nature-inspired earrings are a huge trend among young women. These earrings often contain dangly feathers or tassels, and they’re almost guaranteed to be a bestseller on your eCommerce website.

9. Hooded raincoats

A hooded raincoat completes your outfit and frees your hands so you don’t have to worry about wielding a pesky umbrella that keeps getting blown about by the wind. That’s why a hooded raincoat is one of our top trending products for 2020.

10. Cellulite removal products

Cellulite is natural and beautiful. But cellulite removal products still sell really well, because they help people feel more confident in their skin.

11. Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are a great way to catch up on music and audio books while you’re doing chores. You can connect them to your phone, laptop, tablet, or any other device, and then you’re free to move around without lugging your device around with you.

12. Hair removal products

Hair removal products are staples of eCommerce, because they’re guaranteed to sell well. And they’re also great for getting repeat customers!

13. Detox teas

Detox teas are revered by those who believe in their healing powers. They’re believed to detoxify the body, help with weight loss, improve digestion, increase alertness, and to work a whole host of other miracles for the body. If you manage to attract a loyal customer base, you won’t be able to restock these quickly enough.

14. Outdoor speakers

Outdoor speakers are perfect for hosting barbecues and other outdoor bonding activities. They’re portable, yet powerful enough to be used in open spaces. That’s why they fly off the shelves, especially during gorgeous weather.

15. Keto supplements

Keto supplements are perfect for helping health-conscious customers achieve their health and fitness goals while feeling full and alert. Brand these well and you can amass a huge following in the Keto community.

16. Beard oil

For a while, most young men were clean-shaven, but this decade has definitely seen a surge in men with full, gorgeous beards. These masterpieces require regular coatings of beard oil to maintain their shine.

17. Minimalist watches

Gone the days of gigantic, clunky watches with dials and numbers that were added for no discernible purpose. Enter: The minimalist watch. These smooth, sleek watches are the trendy millennial’s push back against showy excess.

18. Fairy lights

Ah, fairy lights. The simple way to add an ethereal quality to any room. Beautiful and delicate, these are popular among people who enjoy the simpler, quieter pleasures of life.

19. Minimalist jewellery

It’s not just watches that have gone minimalist. Chains, earrings, rings and bracelets have all shrunk too. Minimalist jewellery adds a touch of classic elegance to any outfit, and they pair beautifully with larger statement pieces as well. They’re a staple in any collection, and they’re sure to sell well.

20. Matcha tea

Matcha green tea is believed to have a wide range of positive effects on human health. The Japanese have been drinking it for nearly a millennium, and it’s just catching on in the West. Matcha tea boosts the immune system, benefits the gastrointestinal tract, promotes mental alertness, and is even believed to be able to prevent certain types of cancer. This makes this wonder-tea a powerful addition to your eCommerce store.

Wrapping up

These twenty trending products are a great way to give your eCommerce website a sales boost, and the best part is that most of these products are timeless, so they’ll keep selling well. Just be sure to check out our guide to speeding up your eCommerce website, so that your customers will keep coming back to your website instead of clicking away in frustration because it takes too long to load.