6 Steps to Choosing the Best Site Builder

Need to create a website for individual or business purposes and thinking of getting a web developer? Stop right there! You have the power to develop and be in control of your online site. Today, hosting gives you six steps on how to pick your site builder to get you up and running in no time. It’s a tough choice to pick a site builder as there are several different platforms to choose from and each can have their pros and cons.

To pick your Site Builder, you first need to know, what you want to do with your site, what your goals are and what features you would like to see.
Here are 6 top steps on how to pick your site builder

6 Easy steps to choose the best site builder

1. User-Friendliness

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When picking a Site Builder, you want to make sure that it is easy to use for complete beginners (non-techy users). It must include a drag and drop user interface, versatile editing tools, and customisation options in which you can customising the colours, background images and text style using the design panel, plus easy installation and administration.

One drawback at the beginning is that you will have to manage your site alone. This means getting familiar with new system, and keeping your site and content up to date with the site. Check out our blog for further details on how to build a beautiful professional website in no time, with limited or no tech skills.

2. Growth options

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Small businesses grow and develop over periods of time to larger or even multinational companies. It is important to know that when selecting a Site Builder, you have the option to expand your business online. This is the reason why scalability should always be available. When you choose ensure that there are options to scale up easily when you need. The best hosting site will be able to accomplish this goal. Lean more about the best UK hosting site here.

3. Payment options

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Examples of payment options for companies.

Choose a Site Builder that will give you value for your money. Ask the question, “Does it work with most domains and hosting providers?” One of the benefits of picking a Site Builder is the choice of a free trail and free version. This will give you the opportunity to test the water before making a commitment. Go here to find out more on our payment options.

4. Maximum control over site

Make sure that when you pick your Site Builder, it gives you as much control of the site. This means you should ideally be able to build any kind of website from: fashion and beauty, travel, business, construction, photography, and many more.

5. Wide selection of design and features

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The ability to get a wide selection of professional website templates as well as the ability to incorporate additional functionality is important offers of a Site Builder that you will need to look out for. These include auto update, data import/export, landing pages and web forms, online booking tools, online store builder pre-built templates, social sharing, real time editing, image galleries, SEO Management and survey builder.

Check its adaptability. Do all themes you select automatically adjust to fit any screen size? Does the mobile editor allow you to make changes to your site from a mobile device? This is a great feature because your website will look fantastic on both desktop and mobile devices because all design templates are mobile friendly. Here some tips to make your site mobile friendly.

6. Customer service

Effective customer service is the heart of business success. You will want to choose a Site Builder that responds quickly to requests via emails or chat. You can do this by looking at the ratings- how quickly they answer a past customer request or transaction. In addition, check to see if support materials are readily available, such as webinars or documentation for training.


Now that you have all this information on selecting a Site Builder; begin today and create something beautiful, a professional and attractive online presence. Start on the most secure hosting and site builder platform. Get started with the Easy Site Builder today.