Absolutely Everything To Know About Web Hosting!

The majority of websites on the internet today are hosted using fast and reliable web servers therefore internet users have come to expect fast loading webpages. As website visitor expect fast loading webpages many become frustrated by a slow loading webpage therefore leave before content loads which results in a lost conversion for the website owner. Not only do slow loading webpages frustrate website visitors which has an impact on reputation a slow loading website will result in a slower operating business.

Prevent lost conversions and guarantee fast loading webpages for website visitors! Purchase the best web hosting service from a reliable hosting provider with multiple web hosting options. Select the most reliable hosting provider to guarantee a web server that is reliable, fast and maintained to high standards that leads to stable fast loading website!

What Is A Hosting Provider?

Websites are hosted using web servers which to purchase and maintain will be very costly therefore smart website owners reduce web hosting costs by renting from a hosting provider. The best hosting provider has a range of web hosting options available from shared to dedicated server hosting as a result a website owner can select more optimised and cheaper web hosting plans.

Use A Reliable Hosting Provider!

The hosting provider selected is responsible for web server maintenance therefore it is suggested to select the most reliable hosting provider. Hosting providers that under-maintain web servers fail to fix issues and do not replace faulty hardware which impacts server speeds for website owners.
The most reliable hosting provider maintains servers to high standards by hiring dedicated teams to monitor server performance. Issues are resolved and hardware is replaced before failure occurs to guarantee a reliable fast web hosting service to all website owners.

The most reliable hosting provider can be identified by the 99.9% uptime. 99.9% uptime means less than 1-hour downtime per year! Unreliable hosting providers offering 95% uptime guarantees only guarantee less than 2 days downtime per year!

The Most Reliable Hosting Provider Reduces Web Hosting Costs!

The best hosting provider will rent the cheapest web hosting services to website owners as web servers are purchased at discount prices therefore savings are passed from hosting provider to website owners. With a range of web hosting options to pick from website owners can select the best web hosting plan for their website’s requirements.
The most reliable hosting provider not only reduces web hosting prices but guarantees the reliable dedicated servers are maintained to high standards in order to ensure performance isn’t lost! The most reliable web hosting provider is recommended for website owners that require a stable and fast loading website.

Good Hosting Providers Have Web Hosting Options!

Good web hosting providers offer more than one web hosting service to new web hosting users. The most common web hosting option is shared hosting however a provider that also offers VPS and Dedicated Server web hosting services provides room for website owners to expand. Unreliable providers limit a website owner’s growth therefore it is recommended to select a hosting provider with multiple hosting plans and services available. The cheapest hosting plan can be selected and upgraded when required.

Free Web Hosting Migration Service

Switch web hosting providers with ease by selecting one that offer free migration to new web hosting users. Migrating hosting providers presents many challenges however the best hosting providers does this free of charge for website owners to guarantee all data is migrated upon switching providers to the most reliable web hosting provider. 

Domain Registration With Free Email From The Best Hosting Provider!

The best hosting provider has tools that allow new web hosting users to browse available domains! Domain Registration With Free Email means that …..
A top level domain such as .org or .com can be registered by business owners and organisations while generic domains offer more specific domain names that are targeted to specific websites requirements such as .club or .shop.
For websites operating in specific countries a country code domain is recommended such as .uk .us or .lu

Web Hosting With An SSL Certificate!

An SSL Certificate will provide website owners many benefits that impact conversions. The SSL Certificate is used to improve a websites security and to protect sensitive data during transit. The most reliable hosting provider sells SSL Certificate services to guarantee website owners a secure website if required.

Drag-and-Drop Website Builder.

For beginners to web hosting the website builder plan is an ideal web hosting option for creating websites with little knowledge and no coding skills due to the drag-and-drop interface. With the website builder service website owners can customise website templates to create professional looking responsive webpages with no skills and in little time.

The Most Reliable Hosting Provider Has The Best Add-on Services.

Additional web hosting services can be purchased by website and business owners to improve an aspect of their website or business. The most reliable hosting provider has a range of additional web hosting services that new web hosting users and website owners find useful.

Email Hosting and Marketing Service

Business owners can improve their emailing campaigns by using email hosting. One benefit to email hosting services is emails sent from the dedicated IP are less likely to appear within spam inboxes as the server and IP used is reliable and more trusted than third-party email providers.

Business owners can increase email marketing campaign success rates with good email marketing software. Email marketing software provides users many emailing features that assist with creating email marketing campaigns from customisable email templates to automated email campaigns.

Automated Backup Service

The impact of data loss on a website and business owners can be devastating resulting in downtime therefore an automated backup service is highly recommended. With the automated backup service plan website owners can restore their website within a few seconds of data loss occurring.

Website Monitoring Tool

Website monitoring tools such as the Uptime monitoring plan lets website owners monitor uptime and other aspects of their website. Uptime monitoring tools track website performance uptime, so website owners know if downtime has occurred.

Search Engine Optimisation Tool

Optimised websites rank well in search engines such as Google therefore see an increase in traffic. A search engine optimisation service is used to generate detailed SEO reports which website owners use when improving content. Drive more traffic to your website by ranking better in search engines using a SEO Report tool.