The Benefits of Backups With Hosting.Co.Uk

Online backups are crucial for so many reasons. After all, one tiny design slip-up or a more serious security breach and you could lose years worth of work. We count down four reasons why it is so important to backup your data online, plus we reveal more about our two new plans.


Server backups are incredibly important; in fact, you be hard pressed to find any top online business that does not have a secure solution in place. One benefit of online services is that they are extremely reliable. By remotely backing up your data, you can be sure that you have stored files which you can quickly and easily access should you need to.


With hacking incidents on the increase, there are now more chances than ever that your site could be the target of an attack. Despite increases in site security, these incidents can and still do happen – even to some of the largest and most trusted sites in the world. Online storage provides a safe and secure way to duplicate your data so that you can retrieve it should you need to.

You will have to option to set an automated system, so you can choose to backup your data once a day if required. Backing up data the old-fashioned way on USB sticks or disks will only increase the risk of a security breach, and in some instances, is even an illegal way to store secure information.

Reduce Workload

Other benefits of choosing to store data online, is that it will save staff countless hours of work. Traditionally, backing up info on sticks, CDs and hard drives is an extremely lengthy, time-consuming and quite frankly outdated way of doing things. Not to mention, if something goes wrong, you will be forced to look through countless files in order to retrieve what you are looking for. With an online system, everything is done by automation, and your data is securely stored in one place so you can restore with just one click.

Save Money

Ultimately, by saving countless hour of manual labour, you will also be saving your business plenty of money too. These online backup plans start from as little at £2 a month. You can even test out a free 2gb or free 60-day trial to make sure you are happy with the service before you buy. Plans are not just a important feature, they are an essential part of any successful and savvy online business.

Backup is making extra copies of data.
Backup is making extra copies of data. – New Backup Plans offer several cloud backup plans which cater for all budgets.

The online backup provides the most affordable way to store your data for ultimate peace of mind. You can test out the service first to see if it will be a good fit for you with the 60 days free trial.  This system is fully automated, and you can set exactly what frequency that you would like the backup to happen. The online backup service comes with extremely high-security settings including data encryption.

Users will have access to a 24/7 support team who are always on hand to answer any questions or concerns. The online backup is also multi-platform, which means that it is available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems.

Don’t just take our word for it, we have countless clients who are incredibly happy with our services:

“I have used several web hosts but are by far the fastest and most efficient.
Emails to them are answered incredibly promptly…”
– Username: Meredith.M

The online service is broken down into several plans, so you can choose a plan based on the amount of storage space that you will require. Aside from the free trial, plans start from just 2.99 per user per month. This is for 10gb, with secure 256-bit AES encryption, and instant access to all backed up files. If you think you will need more space, then you may want to take the 50gb plan, which has the same features as before but comes with the extra space.

“Acronis Cloud Backup” new on

The other option is to use a cloud-based service for servers. use Acronis, which is integrated into the backend of servers. This advanced backup and monitoring system allows website owners to quickly backup content ans well as monitor speeds, availability and performance of a website.


The great thing about this service is that you can try it completely free of charge for 30 days. Once you’re happy with the service and want to continue, we have plans that start from as little as £32 a month.

This basic plan includes 250 GB of storage space, 24/7 support, a one-click restore option, process throttling, high granularity and more. If you think you’ll need more space, than the largest option is for a whopping 1TB of space, with customized retention, one-click restore and full support. This option comes in at £100 a month. All options come with discounts if they are paid for yearly rather than monthly.

Our helpful customer service team are on hand to answer your questions, and suggest the best plan for your needs. Or, you can simply place your order online and get your system working for you straightaway.