The Best Ways to Use a Virtual Private Server

Virtual private servers are highly customisable to fit specific requirements. Many users use UK VPS hosting to host their websites however there are many more uses. VPS use custom software that developers configure to run specific tasks for clients. Depending on your specification you can create custom software.

This article aims to highlight the most popular uses of virtual private servers. Ensuring you get the most out of the best VPS hosting. For more information regarding VPS hosting click here.

Popular Uses For Virtual Private Servers

1. Hosting Your Website   

Many users take advantage of fast hosting by using a VPS over shared hosting services. Using VPS hosting offers reserved resources and unique IP addresses that only your VPS can access. Leading to a faster and more reliable service for you and your clients. On shared hosting plans, users share the IP address and resources which can lead to slower site speeds when compared to VPS hosting.

2. Hosting Your Video Game Server

Video game hosting is another popular use VPS hosting. Giving you the option to customise your gaming experience by allowing you to install mods and textures you can play the way you want. Many gaming companies restrict content on their services and have thousands of users online at once. Using fast hosting on your VPS you can avoid the restrictions and have a faster running game than the original servers. By giving your friends the server IP address they can connect to your game server allowing you to play together. Common games hosted on VPS are: GTA V, MineCraft, CSGO, and many more. Giving you endless possibilities to play online.

3. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Sending personal data over the internet can be risky. In fact, hackers may intercept private data over unsecured networks. Therefore, ensure that you have proper encryption software when sending sensitive personal data over the Internet. Data that is not encrypted is sent in plain text and can be read by anyone leaving you vulnerable. Websites encrypt traffic by using SSL encryption to ensure data is safe when being transmitted however not all services use this. By using an encrypted vpn you guarantee your data is sent securely over the internet. Using VPS hosting you can setup a VPN by installing custom software such as OpenVPN or SoftEtherVPN that configure your VPS for vpn usage.

4. Mail Servers

The most commonly used email service would be @gmail @live @hotmail. These services send your personal emails through their shared servers. Using the best VPS hosting you can host your own mail server. Taking full control over your mail offers you customisability such as a encryption and unique domains. Ever wanted or as your emails domain? Register a domain to your VPS to have this feature. Using sender policy framework (spf) you can setup authorised senders, when emails are received by an address not authorised the email will be refused. This eliminates spam entirely and prevents malicious emails being received.

5. Remote Storage

For those working on projects in a large team file management can be challenging. Using VPS hosting as a remote server allows your team to update files for other members to use with ease. All members will have access to the most updated documents preventing confusion within your team. Placing data on your VPS for remote storage frees up storage space on your network for other application you may use.

6. Database Server

For those using backend databases it is highly recommended to keep your database safe and secure by removing it from your main network. In the event your network is compromised data stored in the database can be stolen and used for malicious activities. Keeping your database separate reduces the risk of data being stolen. Using VPS hosting you can configure your VPS into a database server to receive data, process data accordingly either storing, manipulating or producing an output.

7. Learning Resource

A VPS is excellent for anyone interesting in learning about linux operating systems. Instead of purchasing a new machine to run the operating system simply rent a VPS with fast hosting. Renting a VPS is cheaper than purchasing a new machine while giving you the same learning experience. Allowing you to familairse yourself with Linux operating systems. VPS hostings allows you to push the boundaries of what you thought possible. Overall boosting your experience when dealing with Linux.

8. Data Backup

Some data is to important to risk losing to failing hard drives or malicious activity. If certain data is lost it can destroy business as the data can take weeks to replace and business cannot continue until it has. Data backup removes this risk, in the event your data is lost you simply restore from backup. Significantly reducing the time required to get the update the data from weeks to a couple hours maybe a day.

When doing data backup it is crucial to keep the backups on a separate service from your network. In the event your network fails you may lose all data including your backups. By storing your backup away from your network on an independent VPS hosting service you eliminate this risk as this does not affect the VPS. This ensure your data backup is kept safe and secure. We recommend you update your backups often to keep updated in case of network failure.

Testing Setup’s Before Buying Dedicated Hosting.

Renting dedicated servers can be costly. If you rent a server and your software, framework or operating system does not work, you are paying for the service while you are fixing your issues. This wastes money.  By testing your specification from a UK VPS host you can see if it will operate correctly. If not you can make changes and test again, this is much cheaper then testing on your dedicated server.


The best VPS hosting companies allow you to use your private server for much more than simple webhosting. Now you should have an idea of how people use their server’s efficiently. VPS hosting is extremely flexible for businesses you can customise and manage. Or if you choose, opt for managed-VPS to fit your own specific requirements to achieve your goal.