How to Buy Reseller Hosting in the UK

More and more people are becoming their own bosses by taking advantage of the current heavy reliance on the Internet and remote tools? If this includes you, then do not worry that most markets are already saturated, or that you do not want to be a slave to your computer. It is time to consider reseller hosting uk services.

Becoming a reseller of hosting plans, also called white label selling, could be the answer. Reseller hosting in the UK can be financially beneficial since it takes advantage of continuous demand for online real estate, and would not tie you to a computer. Sounds like a win all around. But you may not know what reseller hosting is or how to begin reselling hosting plans, so we have prepared this article for you.


What is White Label Hosting or Reseller Hosting UK?

The concept is similar to buying and reselling any other item. You buy a house for £300,000 and do some work on it, and suddenly you can resell it for £420,000. So it is with reseller hosting UK plans. You rent web hosting space from a known web hosting company, and then repackage the same storage space, perhaps include some add-ons and you are able to sell it on as your own. You can do this under your own brand name, and your preferred price. You become a landlord of sorts.


Why Resell Hosting Packages?

There are several advantages to doing this, such as having two layers of income, one as a website developer (of your own site) and the other as reseller hosting UK dealer. The main advantage, however, comes with the peace of mind that you get knowing the infrastructure, overheads, and other physical assets, risks, as well as costs are borne by another party.

Furthermore, your IT skills do not have to be 100%, since most issues are dealt with by the original web hosting company. You should, however, know some basics or have above-average computer knowledge to provide some level of support to your customers.


Are there differences between Reseller Hosting and Other Types of Hosting?

If you want to make comparisons to see how reseller hosting could serve your needs versus shared hosting, check out our article explaining the differences between reseller hosting UK and shared hosting. Never used a shared web hosting plan? We explain the differences between VPS hosting and reseller hosting as well.


Becoming a Reseller Hosting UK Dealer

Now that you have decided that reseller hosting could be the solution to the problem you were unaware you had, let’s explain how you can get started.

  1. Choose a reliable hosting provider with affordable plans, adequate storage, and unlimited domains, such as
  2. You will then need to choose a domain name. If you already have one, you can transfer it to for example, but if you do not have one, you can to secure one with us at this stage.
  3. After you choose the plan and any additional services you would like to include, you confirm your payment.

In three easy steps, you secured your very own piece of the web hosting landscape. Now, you are able to manage your various accounts from within one easy to use dashboard.


3 Tips to make your Reseller Business profitable

Now that the easiest part is over, next comes the easier part, which is to achieve and maintain profitability. Even here, is still with you. We created six strategies you can use to ensure you achieve success as reseller host. (In case you are wondering, the easy part is the pride you feel being your own boss.)

Start with Research!

Figure out your potential customers are, and what they want. While you are at it, you should also know who your competition is, if there are any.

Build a Website!

So you are in the business of offering web hosting services, are you? This means that you have a space on the Internet that you use to advertise this business, space potential customers can use to gauge what they will be getting should they sign up with you.

Create Reseller Hosting UK Plans!

There has to be something that causes potential customers to choose your business, as well as new customers to sign up with you as opposed to the larger web hosting company. From your research, you would have learned what your competitors are offering, as well as what the larger web host is offering you. Creatively build plans that will allow you to remain the service of choice for your customers.



It is fairly easy to enter the reseller hosting UK market given that there are almost no barriers to entry, and in the current climate, demand is increasing as more people look to the online space to meet their needs.

Step one is the key to the success of your business: choose a reliable web hosting provider that will give you adequate resources to repackage and sell to your customers. Be prepared to provide them with basic support in the event something goes wrong. Finally, enjoy the feeling of being your own boss, as well as the peace of mind reseller hosting UK comes with.