How Much? What’s the Cost to Build a Website?

How much will it take to build a website? This is probably the first question you ask yourself every time you think about starting your own website. Maybe, the reason you haven’t made a move to taking your business to the online world as yet is because you are afraid of the answer to that very question. Maybe that’s what brought you here. Let’s face it. If the fact that it’s 2020 and most of the world is moving online… hasn’t pressured you into moving your business online yet, then the recent situation of nationwide lockdowns surely will.

It’s time to face the music, and answer the question you have been running from for far too long. For that, you have come to the right place.

Use a site builder to create a Website

The cheapest initial option you can take is the Do-it-yourself or website builder option. This option allows you to build a website yourself. You have complete control over how your website looks, and because these usually provide a user-friendly interface, you don’t need to know any coding to take this route.

You will not even spend much time on this option, and it is very convenient if you have a small budget.

The disadvantage this option has is that these tools normally provide a range of preset variables, so do not have 100% creative freedom.

Also, though the initial price to create the website would be cheap with this option, your website is being rented from the provider. This means that you will be making a recurring payment to keep your website on the world wide web.

Use a Web Developer to build a website

The second option you have is to use a freelance Web Developer. This option is more expensive but allows you to communicate your specific needs.

A Web Developer will be able to discuss exactly what you want on your website, making you aware of what is possible and what is best. When you work with a Web Developer, what you pay for is what you get. The quality of the website, though it may be what you want on the surface, may not be the best. In fact, most Web Developers charge based on the overall complexity of the site you would like to build.

The Web Developer’s goal is to build the website, so that is most likely all you will get. This means that strategies related to bringing more customers to your site such as Search Engine Optimization are not included in the provided service.

Finally, updates and maintenance to your website would most likely not be handled by your chosen Web Developer, unless you come to an agreement with that individual, in which case, additional costs would be involved.

Additional costs to build a website

Now that you have the basic prices you can expect to pay for the building aspect of your website, there are a few more things you will need to include, all of which attract additional and recurring costs:

1. Reliable Web Hosting for Speed and Storage

Websites are basically a series of files connected by various links and are stored together on a web server. The web server is a computer system that includes a lot of storage, which can be allocated variably.

In order to get your website onto the World Wide Web so that customers can access it, you need to have the files that include your website be stored on a server. Your space on that server needs to be rented and this process is called hosting. provides a sitebuilder which includes hosting to get you started right away. Simply click here to choose an option.

2. A Domain Name to register you site’s name

This is your website address and is like your signature online to help customers locate and remember your business website. Attached to your domain name is the domain extension. nsive is it to build a website?

Just click here to learn more about the cost of domains.

3. Cloud Backup for Backup & Restore Services

This is the process of saving a copy of your website to another location in the case of corruption or malfunctioning of your live site or server.

You may not think this is important until you consider that all your customers’ user information would need to be stored on your web server, and any corruption or loss of that data can and will be harmful to your business.

You can learn more about why you need to back up your site here. Choose from four affordable options and pay monthly or yearly to back up your site with Hosting.

4. Web Security is vital for your survival online

Security is a big deal. Even if a visitor doesn’t need to enter personal information on a website, knowing that the website is not secure will likely cause them not to want to revisit or recommend that site. That can mean a major failure for your e-commerce or branded website.

You will need an SSL certificate to secure your website and give your customers peace of mind. Hosting is your one-stop shop to secure your website with an SSL certificate. Just visit us here to view your options.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to boost Visibility

SEO Tools are a big part of your website’s success. They utilize data from the web and apply it to your website to give it a better rating. A better rating means a higher display on search engines such as Google and Bing. Find the best options for SEO here so you can make have a great rating for your website.


Once you have included all of these tools, you are well on your way to having your very own business site. For a beginner starting a website, expect to pay about €20 to €40 on a DIY Tool, and €100 to €10,000 with a web developer.

The additional costs may vary based on your specific needs. Whatever path you choose to take, will give you the best options for making your business website a success.