Guide to Creating a High Converting Landing Page

One of the best tools to use in a marketing campaign to track conversion metrics is a landing page. You don’t just want any landing page, but a high converting landing page. While it is important to ensure that your pages are optimised, this guide will give you the top 6 ingredients to ensure that your efforts are successful.

Six Steps to your high converting landing page

1. Understand the Purpose for Your Landing Page

Landing pages are great for marketing purposes such as when you have a new release or new campaign. Viewers generally flock to a landing page after following links on social media pages, emails and other advertisements. The purpose is to convert visitors into customers or to share lead information. The best part is that it can be measured by the amount of click it receive. Isn’t this simple and great?

Your landing page serves to engage prospective customers and covert them to actual customers. So, it is crucial you understand who your target market is and what problems they have which your product or service can solve. Once you are clear on this, it is easier to craft messages that will resonate and convert prospects into actual customers.

In other words, the only way you can engage, is if your message connects with their need. This is the very first step in creating high converting landing page.

2. To Engage, You Need a Great Headline

You must create a great headline which captures your value proposition. Your value proposition convinces customers of the value they will receive upon purchasing your good or service. Ensure you capture this in your headline with very few words. Wow! It is that easy.

No need to explain the history of your company, charity engagements or to discuss the array of products and services along with their features. This step is crucial in creating a high converting landing page because you have to capture your customer’s attention in 9 words maximum. Remember, people scan through a variety of information every day.

So, as soon as they get to your page, your message must solve their problems for them to read any further and this has to be done in the least amount of words possible. For example, a gaming company’s headline on their landing page could read:

“The Ultimate Gaming Experience with Gee”

3. Enhance the Experience with Great Visual

A good layout, contrasting colours and great photography enhances the experience of your prospective customer. A great photo showing the product being used enables people to visualise themselves using your product. This is the kind of impact you want to create when setting up your high converting landing page. You want to be relevant to their needs. You also want a great format layout preferably placing the best features and benefits at the top along with your call to action.

4. Always present A Call to Action

This is the feature that separates a high converting landing page from any other website pages, the call to action. The purpose of this feature is to engage your prospective customers by leading them to make a decision hence creating increased revenue. It must be obvious and convincing. The call to action may look like a single button (click – through) or a form for (lead generation).

You may use the call to action for various reasons such as: to generate sale for a product or service, capture email leads, offer discounts, invite people to a conference. You will see the call to action in several places such as in your email, social media post, website buttons, etc. Examples:

“Get My Free Quote Today”
“Sign Up for 30% Discount on Your First Purchase”
“Subscribe to Get Your Daily Power Pack Motivation”
“Get Started Today”

Whichever it is, once you have a conversion goal, it is vital to have this feature on your page.

5. Back Your Message with a Testimonial

The icing on the cake is a testimonial. As people read or watch stories of how other people with the same issue as theirs was solved, they visualise instantly of the same result gained by using your product or service. These testimonies can come in the form of videos, text space and real photos of the subjects. Testimonials give credibility and authenticity to your offer.

6. Don’t Forget the Guarantee

People everywhere want to feel safe and comfortable when making new purchases. So, throw in that guarantee. The guarantee helps to silence any negative feeling that the customer will regret the new purchase. Examples of these may look like: The Money Back Guarantee, The Risk-Free Guarantee, 100% Guarantee, Free Trial, Low Price Guarantee.


Following these six simple ingredients are sure ways to produce a high converting landing page that will yield higher conversion rates and increase user engagement.